Conair Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Best trimmer I have ever bought in my life

This trimmer was the best trimmer I have ever bought . I worked very well for me in all aspects both in price as well as performance I strongly recommend this product to any others

Conair’s gmt8cs full-size trimmer set enables you to achieve any facial hair look you desire. you can shape and trim your beard or mustache, create a scruffy two-day stubble look, or sculpt your goatee or soul patch. use the included jaw-line combs for detailing and blending and the five-position height comb for various settings and precise cutting. the removable stainless steel blade makes clean-up easy and offers years of durability.

Product Features

  • Full-size corded trimmer
  • Stainless steel removable blade for easy cleaning
  • 2 jawline combs for detail trimming
  • 5-position adjustable comb
  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Five-position adjustable comb
  • Two jaw-line combs for detail trimming


Best Beard Trimmer Comparison Review

Trimmers used in this video:
(14.95) Wahl Groomsman:
(39.95) Vacuum Trimmer:
(49.99) Braun Cruzer Face:
(22.99) Remington MB200:

More info:

Here is a comparison review of 4 popular beard trimmers. Hopefully there's enough information here to help you choose the best beard trimmer for your needs. The review only discusses the performance of each model so for more details you can visit the website and check out the full individual reviews.

For this comparison I go through trimming a beard and compare how each model performs. The sections include trimming a neck line, cheek lines, beard lengths, and creating various styles.

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3 thoughts on “Conair Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmer

  1. weaveman01 says:

    No recharging and that is a good thing!!!!! Well worth the money. this little unit comes with an adjustable head to cut your beard or mustache different lengths, and being a true 120 volt motor, is powerful enough to cut all your hair if you wanted. This is a grooming mustache trimmer so it has a small head and it would take awhile to cut all your hair, but unlike rechargeable ones, it is powerful enough to do it. I wish I could get a nose hair trimmer that was 120v plug in too, as I get tired of wasting good money buying rechargeable garbage that loses…

  2. Wild Willy says:

    Echo of what so many others are saying As many others have said, the biggest plus of this unit is the fact that it plugs in and does NOT rely on batteries, rechargeable or otherwise. I have had a Conair beard trimmer with all the fancy attachments, including 2 alternate trimming heads, and whatnot. Only problem was it used a rechargeable battery. It was fine for a few years but then it started getting weak before I was done trimming. And trimming takes only a few minutes so running down that quickly is definitely annoying and…

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