Conair HLM11CH Chrome Hot Lather Machine

Great Price & Product,

Pros: Lather is smooth and HOT and dispenses in a nice ribbon. Dispenser takes both sizes of shave cream cans. Looks great. When I do forget to shake the dispenser, the cream is still smooth and not runny. When the light changes, this machine is ready to go and this occurs shortly after I rinse my face in hot water to prepare for shaving. (I assume all men perform this preliminary task prior to applying shave cream, be it cold OR hot.)

Cons: I do wish Conair had placed the switch on the dispenser rather than the cord. Also, if they had to place it on the cord, couldn’t Conair had placed it next to the dispenser rather than the outlet. Reaching for this switch is extremely awkward and rotating it (it’s a small wheel on the cord) is even worse. That said, I am thus far extremely pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants a great hot-lather shave at a very reasonable price.

Experience the luxury of a thick, rich hot lather shave with this instant hot lather machine by Conair. It heats shaving cream in about 1 minute, and works with any standard or large size lather refill can without taking up extra counter space. Designed for easy one-hand use, it features a deluxe chrome finish, on indicator and ready indicator lights. Great for legs too. Does not work with shaving gels. Imported. 8Hx4″ dia.Ever wonder why a barber shop shave is so much better than the kind you give yourself at home? Hot lather softens beard hairs for a smoother, closer shave. Now you can enjoy the same rich, luxurious experience every day with Conair’s hot lather machine. Simply remove the bottom plate, place any brand of shaving cream (not gel!) in the bottom compartment, and give the whole thing a quick shake before turning it on. When the indicator light turns green (usually after about a minute), your lather is ready. Best of all, the machine doesn’t take up any more space on crowded bathroom counters than a single can of shaving cream. A perfect gift for the man who has everything–or the woman; hot lather is great for shaving legs, too.

Product Features

  • Enjoy a smooth, comfortable barber shop-style shave at home
  • Chrome finish complements bathroom decor
  • Designed for one-handed use
  • Lather heats up in one minute
  • Works with any brand standard or large size shaving cream cans


Hot Lather machine

Hot Lather machine conair
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  1. Gord Wilson "" says:

    A Real Barbershop Shave at Home Everyone who tries my hot lather machine wants one, but the problem is they’re going, going, gone. Sunbeam, Gillette and other companies have made versions in the past, but they never sell well enough to stay in production. Although this Conair machine is inexpensive, it’s well-made and solves some problems of past dispensers. You shake the dispenser before use (which shakes up the can inside), then plug it in and turn on the switch. A red light indicates it’s on, and when the green lamp…

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