Conair Ssw09ckit Satin Smooth Ssw09ckit Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit

This all-inclusive kit lets you offer clients professional, customized waxing treatments – our single wax warmer holds most standard 14 oz. – 16 oz. cans of wax. We\’ve included the new deluxe series wax warmer, skin prep and after care products, plus plenty of applicators, cloth waxing strips, and an instructional DVD.Complete kit comes with: Professional single wax warmer: 1 independent warming well with 10 temperature settings, quick heat-up time; indicator light lets you know when unit is on. Includes secure fitted cover and 5 protective collars. 14 oz. Deluxe Cream Wax, sensitive formula for facial and body waxing 4 oz. Satin Cleanser® pre-depilatory cleanser 4 oz. Satin Release® post-depilatory calming oil 4 oz. Satin Cool® post-depilatory cooling gel 4 oz. Satin Hydrate® post-depilatory lotion 30 pieces of muslin epilating cloth for face and body Heats most standard 14-16 oz. wax cans Professional Step-by-Step Waxing DVD

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3 thoughts on “Conair Ssw09ckit Satin Smooth Ssw09ckit Professional Single Wax Warmer Kit

  1. Paige Greska says:

    Not the one I ordered. I can’t compare Satin Smooth to any of the other brands of wax, but I can say that this wax pulls every little (even tiny!) hair out. It leaves your skin smooth, not bumpy or stubbly feeling follicles, as honey wax does. This is a great kit, and a super value. Satin Smooth offers so many different types of wax for different skin types, hair types, waxing needs. I purchased their hard calendula wax for my delicate waxing needs, which works fabulous. I do recommend getting professionally…

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