Depilator Women Lady Face Body Hair Removal Epilator 40,0000 Light Pulses

2018 New Product, This hair remover device which is on the market currently available and the one with 400,000 light pulses!
With the Safe Light Pro glasses you can easily look at the application, without having the natural reflex to close his eyes. Thus you achieve a precise and efficient treatment and your eyes will not soon tired and irritable.
This depilator is a fast hair-removing machine, which on the market are currently available and with 400,000 light pulse number.
Ideal for those who find the usual depilatory lengthy and want to most effectively bring the whole thing behind them.
This innovation puts an end to all the problems in the area of hair removal because it offers the ultimate in comfort. In less than 20 minutes, the hair all over the body are painless, treated permanently and effortlessly and long distance. This is almost twice as fast as all other Glide devices, are being achieved by the end of the treatment period up to 92% hair reduction.
– For women and men
– Safe and effective for the treatment of skin types I
– Legs, underarms, arms, bikini line, upper lip or chin: The This depilator is to remove unwanted hair on any part of the body effortlessly capable
– Full body treatment in less than 20 minutes
– Variable speed: from 1 pulse per second to 1 pulse every 2 seconds
– Up to 92% hair reduction after the end of treatment period
– With intelligent app for scheduling of treatments
– With 400,000 light pulses They are supplied for always enough
– Pulsating & Gliding method
– With 5 Energy levels
– Clinically tested, recommended by leading physicians and dermatologists – Pain-free, safe and easy to use
– Can be used after sunbathing (on power level 1)
– Treatment area: 4.5 cm²

Product Features

  • Women Rejuvenation
  • LED Light EMS RF Anti Aging
  • USB Charging Cable

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