Depilatory Wax Can Heater KIT Hair Removal Salon Spa Paper Strips Waxing Warmer

Very satisfied with all the products

The wax is quality and the warming unit heats up and stays a good temp. The wax strips work well.

Top quality wax warmer. Durable material and construct ensures safety. This spectacular unit will allow you to perform professional wax treatments from the comfort of your own home or a salon setting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and purchase this premier warmer today!

Compact size is ideal for travelingConvenient knob for temperature controlSize will accommodate standard wax containersGreat for use in the salon or at home

Depilatory Wax

This depilatory hair removal wax is one of the best in the business. It is easy to apply and even easier to remove leaving no residues or unsightly reddening on the skin. The low melting point allows you to start and finish faster! From its delightful scent to its phenomenal results this is a must have for anyone bothered by unwanted hair.

Directions For Use:

Place the Wax into the wax heating appliance. Be sure it COMPLETELY melts. Spread the wax evenly in a thin layer onto the area to be depilated in the direction of hair growth. Use the palm of the hand to press the nonwoven fabric strip onto the wax until the fabric sticks completely to the skin. Starting from the bottom, lift wax upwards sharply.

Use a cleansing oil to remove any residual wax. Massage depilated area with a moisturizing and soothing agent. Skin stays smooth for 4-6 weeks! Make sure to store in a cool dry place.

Included With Your Kit:

You will Also find 100 nonwoven fabric strips and wooden spatulas ALL necessary for proper hair removal.


Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • Delightful Tea Tree Scent
  • Removes hair for 4-6 weeks!
  • Great for the salon or at home

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