Dove Men+Care Hydrate + Shave Gel

Dove Men+Care Hydrate + Shave Gel protects against shaving irritation, plus leaves skin feeling smooth, even hours later.

Product Features

  • Moisturizers help protect against shaving irritation
  • Provides a smooth razor glide
  • Mild and gentle on skin
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth after shaving
  • Dermatologist-tested

June 3, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Dove Men+Care Hydrate + Shave Gel

  1. Ryan Farwell says:

    Where has this been my whole life?! This new Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shave Gel is hands down the best shave gel I have ever used. It mostly comes down to personal budget and opinion when it comes to shaving products, but this new Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shave Gel is worth consideration if you’re looking for a nice shave gel that won’t murder your face. The smell is pleasant and relaxing, the gel turns into an incredibly rich cream-like lather, and boy does it soothe skin! I used to avoid shaving with manual razors at all cost because my skin gets irritated that easily, and I’ve used just about every kind of gel/cream imaginable including $6-$7 Gillette and Nivea products that are half of the size of this. So Dove is definitely doing something right to have earned a spot as a mainstay in my bathroom. The razor glide is very smooth and painful/irritating razor pull is non-existent, a feeling I haven’t experienced since before I started growing facial hair!Bottom line; if you are seeking relief for your…

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