Dr. Dave’s Bikini Bump Treatment – In Grown Hair Cream

Works great!

I got this product on a whim to help reduce bikini rash for the summer. So happily surprised by the results! Product works great. I’ve started using it on my underarms in addition to bikini area and I feel so much more comfortable and confident at the beach. Definitely recommend it


Dr. Dave’s Razor Bump Treatment helps to reduce & prevent in-grown hairs on face, bikini line, or underarm for women. Under chin for men, men’s chest, neck, legs, simply all over. Whether you are shaving, waxing or using electrolysis, this is the perfect solution to stop those red shaving bumps from ruining your skin. The second you remove hair, razor bumps begin to form. Dr. Dave’s stops them dead in their tracks, keeping your skin beautiful, sexy and touchable. Find out why more and more people are leaving their old creams behind and upgrading to Dr. Dave’s.

Product Features

  • Stop getting bikini bumps, use daily to see incredible results
  • Safe for all skin types (dry, oily, dark, light and more)
  • Easy for women and men to apply, neutral scent
  • Unique scientifically developed formula is guaranteed to work when used properly
  • Proudly made in the USA


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