Receive 1 DriBlade Case and 2 DB DriPackets. The DriBlade Case is the first 2 in 1 case that protects your favorite premium razor from oxidation and razor rust with the ability to convert into an emergency smartphone dry-kit if your smartphone becomes wet or is submerged underwater. The DriBlade Case utilizes a strong DriPacket to absorb and lock away any damaging moisture. Use DriBlade everyday to protect your premium razor and receive longer lasting sanitary razors and smoother shaves. And convert DriBlade in a moments notice into an emergency smartphone dry-kit for those times your phone becomes wet or submerged underwater. The only 2 in 1 razor care / smartphone dry-kit on the market.

Product Features

  • Don’t air dry your shaving razor. Air drying works great for plastic, but your razor is made of metal. Air drying oxidizes the metal blades causing micro-rust, chipping and also bacteria. Keep your razor dry and inhibit oxidation, razor rust and bacteria with the new and improved DriBlade II Razor Case with 20% more drying power.
  • Innovative 2 in 1 Case protects and extends the life of men’s shaving razors from razor rust and oxidation and now has the ability to quickly convert into a smartphone dry kit.
  • DriBlade extends the life of your shaving razor by at least 3X and provides smoother shaves. Eliminates bacteria that can form on an oxidized razor that can cause razor burn and bumps. Fits all Men’s Gillette Flexball, Proglide, Mach and Sensor razors, Schick Hydro and Quattro razors, DSC and Harry’s. Built in color indicator will notify you when to replace each DriPacket that last between 2 and 4 months.
  • Each DriBlade Case comes with 2 powerful Rechargeable DriPackets (3 ounces each) to inhibit oxidation and razor rust for your premium razor AND also quickly evaporates any damaging water and moisture from within your smartphone that would otherwise cause permanent damage.
  • Revives smartphones or small electronic devices if submerged underwater for a short period of time (less than 10 mins). Just remove razor holder, cut open 1 DriPacket, carefully pour dry beads into the DriBlade Case, place phone on top of beads and close case. Fits most small to medium size smartphones that includes the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Motorola Moto X and HTC One.

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  1. teddysoil says:

    IT WORKS This is definitely a MUST buy. There’s not much more to say about this product besides that it works. I’ve owned my driblade case for a little while now and wanted to wait it out to see if it really worked as advertised. I can now say that I only had to replace my razor after FOUR months of use (compared to my usal two week replacement time)! The driblade keeps the razor sharp and the shave is always the same too. No more pulling or tugging or irratation of the skin. The same shave every…

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