Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Good purchase

Very nice razor. The handle dissembles easily for quick changing of blades, yet screws on tightly for stability. This razor is weighted very nicely, and seems finely crafted all around. Some people have mentioned that the chrome wears off. At first I thought that was happening too, but I think it was shaving cream buildup, since when I scrub it, or scratch it, the polished chrome surface shows through below, looking good as new.

I recommend getting the Escali razor and bush stand with it. I think both my razor and my brush will last much longer with it, and it looks good and makes it convenient for storing.

This fabulous traditional double edge safety razor is fitted with the latest precision manufactured Edwin Jagger DE razor blade head creating great interest among experienced wet shavers requiring a close and accurate wet shave with finished results comparable to the original straight cut throat razor. The classic closed comb head, expertly engineered caps the highly polished chrome plated solid brass tubular handle with the Edwin Jagger name embossed around the collar. Traditional lined pattern detail enhance this well balanced Edwin Jagger traditional double edge safety razor perfectly performing very close shave results and reducing ingrowing hairs. Each DE razor is supplied with 5 Derby safety blades so the razor is shave ready.

The bottom view

Product Features

  • Edwin Jagger DE head fits all standard DE blades
  • DE razor shaves as close as straight razor
  • Excellent balance for close shave
  • Smart and durable
  • Packed in smart Edwin Jagger card presentation box


Edwin Jagger DE89811 Chrome Plated Octagonal Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89811 Chrome Plated Octagonal Safety Razor
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  1. Thrown-Clear says:

    Perfectly Balanced, Gorgeous Razor I’ve spent the last six months learning how to make shaving less of a chore. My first step was using a high quality shaving cream, a shaving brush, and a good moisturizer. While researching these items, I read more and more about the advantages of DE (Double Edge) safety razors.I decided to buy one and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I almost went with the German made Merkur Heavy Duty (34c) razor, which seems to be the most commonly recommended DE for a new…

  2. Jarrett Venturini says:

    All Around Review So this is my first ever Amazon review. I feel so strongly about this product that I have chosen to delve in to the world of Amazon.com reviewing!First, a little back story. I’ve been a wet shaver for about 5 years. Right out of high school I had a beard to make a lumberjack envious.I had been shaving already for years, and had spent who knows how much money on cartridges and electric razors and shaving cream (the canned variety)etc… After starting college and being “out…

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