Eltron #el-3040 Compact Travel Shaver

Best Electric Shaver for Travel or Regular Daily Use

Good, clean shave using a light, medium, or heavy touch. Works with conventional or rechargeable AA batteries. NiCD ones last more than 10 days for my beard. Engaging the trimmer is difficult, but not all that bad; which is better than having it engage when you don’t want it to be cutting. Tip: use your thumbnail to remove the cover for cleaning.

The Eltron el-3040 is a men’s “on the go” battery shaver with trimmer.

Product Features

  • Slide up Trimmer for sideburns and styling
  • 1 1/2 wide single foil
  • Uses a full size cutter for maximum cutting
  • Battery operated for anywhere use
  • Dry use only

September 7, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Eltron #el-3040 Compact Travel Shaver

  1. chicagobent says:

    Great Shave, Room For Improvement First Impressions-The shaver itself is smaller than any travel shaver I have ever had before (smaller in height, width and depth). I do not have very big hands and find this to be a plus, especially for a travel shaver, but some with big hands may find it too small. The width of the shaving head is about the same as the Braun M60 and slightly smaller than the Panasonic ES3831K. The color is a deep blue/grey with silver accents. The plastic feels quite solid and the bottom cap mechanism where…

  2. Heinz Hammerling says:

    really small, solid feel, but hair trimmer difficult to put back Very small, with a solid feel to it. Runs on 2x AAs (which last a long time). Good price.Shave is not “extra” close. The good from that is the foil should last a long time (because it is ‘thick’).I use the shaver for only one or two minutes, and then use a cheap disposable razor (less hurt for my skin, closer shave).The hair trimmer must be operated while you hold the shaver horizontally, awkward.The hair trimmer when extended, needs a LOT of force to…

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