Emjoi RotoShave AP-3RS Rechargeable Electric Razor

The Emjoi RotoShave is a ground breaking rechargeable razor featuring Patented Multi-Angle blades with unique safety guard & spiral winding system that Act as a barrier between the blades and your skin, gliding over moles and other skin imperfections without nicks and cuts. It combines the ease of use and convenience of an electric shaver with the closeness and efficiency of a razor blade. “9” high speed Rotating blades give the fastest, closest , safest and smoothest shave ever. Features patented Spiral Windings to virtually eliminate irritation. Use as a Electric Wet Shave even in the shower Dual speeds for light or heavy hair… includes a hard storage carrying case.

Product Features

  • Emjoi Rotoshave Electric Razor combines the convenience of an electric razor with the closeness of a traditional shave
  • Features nine rotating blades at 30 revolutions per second with patented spiral windings to eliminate irritation
  • Patented safety guards protect your skin from each blade stroke, ensuring fewer nicks and cuts
  • Dual speed settings for light or heavy shaving needs
  • Rechargable razor with automatic switching charger for world-wide use

November 2, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Emjoi RotoShave AP-3RS Rechargeable Electric Razor

  1. Dr. J. A. Metcalf says:

    Electric Shavers I must admit that $150 was a lot to gamble on something that I didn’t know whether I would like or not. I have been shaving since I was 14 (and that’s a long time) I’ve never been able to shave with a blade razor and have used electric shavers since the earliest Sunbeam and on through Remingtons (several models), Braun, Norelco, etc. I have a VERY difficult beard that grows in many directions. It’s coarse, and any screen with holes is almost impossible. The Braun came close, but the…

  2. M. Bogerman says:

    Decent Razor In switching over to the five-blade razor overkill when the cost of the twin blades became too high, my husband noticed a lot more irritability and ingrown hair, regardless of blade age or shaving cream/lotion/oil. Upon researching a better solution we came across the RotoShave by Emjoi. It looked like a cross between a tazer and a torture device, so he was a little skeptical when we opened the package. Following the strict guidelines to not use the Rotoshave on bare skin, he did a test run on…

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