Eosika SIPL-900 Xenon Lamp Laser Electric Hair Removal Epilator For Women Low-power Beam For Facial Body 220V & Exclusive Simple English User Guise Manual on How to use.

Product Description

EOSIKA SIPL 900 Epilators, Xenon Lamp Beam Epilators
Products name : Low-power beam irradiation
(eosika SIPL-900)
size : 195.7×80.2×214(mm) / 650g
power : AV220V / 50~60Hz
Beam irradiation area : 30×13(mm)
Level adjustment : 5Level
Cartridge life : 10,000
Light source : Xenon lamp
Most electronics from Korea have voltage 220V / 60Hz.

Product Specifications

Lamp : Xenon Lamp
Spot Size : 13㎜ x 30㎜
Energy Fluency : 3.5~5J/㎠
Wavelength : 475 / 1200nm
Lamp Life : 1 level : 10,000Shot, 5 level : 4000Shot
Weight : 650g(Hand piece : 350g)
Dimension : 195.7mm (W) x 80.2mm (D) x 214mm(H)

You can see the product Demo Video Clip at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RtAAfGDlt0

Product Features

  • Hand piece’s weigh is 350g so it makes possible to long time use through light and slim design.
  • There are two power buttons on cradle and hand piece for protecting from kids using the devices wrong.
  • It is safe because laser irradiates only when touch sensor of cartridge be completely pressed to skin.
  • User can adjust the level that depends on user’s skin and hair.
  • It uses Auto Calibration System.


Eosika IPL Laser Hair Removal - How To Use

Skin Science Eosika - IPL Laser Hair Removal Device - How To Use http://www.hometechbeauty.com.au/hair-removal/skin-science-eosika/

Homepage: http://www.hometechbeauty.com.au

Eosika is our latest product in our range for permanent hair removal devices.

Eosika employs IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology which selectively targets the individual hair follicles while providing maximum protection to the surrounding skin, an area of 3cm2 is treated with each pulse.

Furthermore it has patent pending multiple pulsing technology designed to reduce treatment discomfort while increasing the specific targeting of each individual hair follicles.

Eosika runs on mains electrical supply so there is no need to recharge batteries halfway through a treatment, nor is there the concern of batteries eventually failing rendering the product useless.

It has a 3cm2 treatment window with built in sensors that detect that the hand piece is in contact with your skin before allowing the unit to deliver the treatment flash, this is to minimize the risk of accidental full exposure of the light to the operators eyes. Due to this feature no protective eyewear is necessary.

With replaceable light cartridges Eosika deliver a minimum 10,000 pulses, which means it provides a long time of use without having to replace the disposable light cartridge. Replacement cartridges are available from this site.

Eosika has 5 power levels so it can be set to your comfort level, it is recommended to first start on the lowest setting (1) and increase with each treatment.

It works best on dark naturally colored hair and light skin types. In most cases reduction in hair becomes obvious after the 4th to 5th treatments. It is recommended to shave the area to be treated before each treatment and to repeat treatments every two weeks for the first 4 sessions. After completing the 4 sessions repeat treatment when new hair regrowth is noted.

Eosika comes with HomeTech Beauty's 12 months warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.

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