Evernice Progress Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Great Quality

This is my first shaving brush, so I don’t really know that I am qualified to say anything. I can tell you that not only am I enjoying the experience of a warm brush on my face to prep my whiskers before shaving, but I’m getting a better shave than I ever got with pro-glide for far less money! I am still learning how to shave and I am also having fun trying the many different blades that are out there. This is also necessary, because I am finding that the most expensive blade doesn’t always get you the best results! This depends on your skin type, shaving methods and skill, shaving brush, shaving cream and of course the razor itself.

This fine quality brush comes from PROGRESS (VULFIX) LTD, located on the historic Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea, a self governing Crown dependency. Made using traditional and time honored processes; hand selection of only the finest quality boar bristle and badger hair, individually weighed, shaped and hand knotted. Badger hair varies in quality from the FINEST WHITE/SILVER TIPPED “SUPER BADGER”, to the slightly darker brown tipped hair and the blackish color, slightly coarser hair. Pure badger brushes are soft and build and hold a lather better than any other.

Product Features

  • Pure Badger Hair Hand-knotted
  • Custom-made on the Isle of Man
  • Holds lather better than any other
  • Chrome handle



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STROPPING VIDEO: http://youtu.be/LLaYdf99PIw
Wet Shaving Brushes Used for Straight and Safety Razor Shaving and Care. General Description of how to Soak the Brush, apply the Lather, and Care for Your Brush after Shaving.
This is a tutorial/instructional regarding brushes used with your straight/cut throat and safety razors and proper drying technique to keep your brushes in superior condition! Instructional How to Do it!
View it and follow along if you would like to learn HOW TO care for your Badger, and Boar Shaving Brushes.
Regarding other wet shave topics; I also own other razors by Boker, Wade & Butcher,Dubl Duck, Torrey, Geo Wostenholm & Sons, Nahoum Hatem, and Feather No Sharpen, Let me know if you would like to see a demonstration or tutorial on how to use any other razors that interest you. I also hone and strop my own razors if you have any questions about sharpening stones, blades, stropping, sharpening, paste, different grits etc. My favorite creams and soaps that I have used are by Proraso, Musgo Real, Taylors, Trumpers, Truefitt, Art of Shaving, Colonel Conk, and of course Old Spice!!! Best Wishes and " Go Get Your Shave On" !!! Check out my other videos for Safety Razor, Straight, Best Beard Prep, Cleaning new and used Razors before first use, Proper Technique and How To do it Properly. I use both safety and straight razors. I have safety razors by Merkur, Vision, Futur, Gillette, Parker, Weishi, and brushes by Rooney, Vulvix, Tweezerman, Silvertip badger, boar, and synthetic. Safety Razor Blades by Feather, Derby, Shark, Merkur, Gillette, and Wilkinson.
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2 thoughts on “Evernice Progress Pure Badger Shaving Brush

  1. CAM "I don't do reviews, but...." says:

    Great brush for the price As far as the brush itself, for the price, it’s fantastic. The weight of the brush feels great in my hand; it’s very heavy considering the size. I also like the fact that this badger brush comes in a chrome finish, it a fusion of the old and new worlds. The badger hairs won’t come off strand by strand like some other lesser made brushes as you apply your soap. All in all, I cannot find a single flaw with this brush.For the other reviewer who stated, “little course on my face…” All…

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