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Eyebrows beginning to take over? These eyebrow razors are exactly what you need! Package comes with 3 eyebrow razors perfect for getting every last hair. When tweezing hurts too much or you just don’t have the time these little razors will work great.


Product Features

  • Pack of 3.
  • Lightweight and non-slip grip for easy control.
  • Stainless/Safety cover.


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So many closet face-shavers!! Here's more info based on the comments/questions I'm seeing:

I have tried waxing, epilating and depilatories on my face. Waxing takes off so many layers of the skin and it is way too harsh for anything but my brow bone or upper lip (and even then, it sometimes can be too much depending on my skincare routine). Epilating irritates the heck out of my facial skin. The tugging makes my face red and uncomfortable (I assume since threading is somewhat similar, I'd get a similar result). Depilatories burn my skin and make it scab. Really cute.

The emphasis on shaving is beyond JUST hair removal! Epilators and depilatories do not exfoliate skin like shaving does. And waxing unnecessarily removes layers and layers of skin if you're not careful. Yes, shaving your face removes the baby hairs, but it also gives you super smooth skin....immediately. I do not shave upper lip hair because the hair there is so dense, just like my eyebrows. I reserve the shaving for the rest of the face.

I can't say it'll work miracles for EVERYONE because our skin types and bodies all vary so greatly, but I personally love it and swear by it. A lot of people have shared a ton of info in the comments, so feel free to read through those, Google some info and even ask your dermatologist if you're truly weary. My way isn't the only way either, so do what works for you =)

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation
Maybelline Precise liquid liner
Cover Girl blushes- trio is Sophisticated Sable and single is True Plum
Fromm razors from Sally Beauty Supply. This what they look like: http://www.sallybeauty.com/facial-hair-razor/SBS-525354,default,pd.html?green=87EBE2F0-1694-5C03-BF2D-B3866CB3660B&cm_vc=MYBUYS

Ask Dr. Schultz for a video about derma planing and shaving your face here! http://www.youtube.com/user/dermTVdotcom

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