Facial Hair Epilator

GOHO-PRO – The Magical Facial Hair Removal Epilator

Cost Effective Facial Hair Removal Without The Need For Expensive Beauty Treatments
– One off low cost payment, and no more expensive hair removal treatments. 
– Suitable for the chin, cheeks and upper lips. Remove even the smaller hard to pluck hairs. 
– Convenient travel size can be used on the go, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
– No more plucking, shaving or waxing, and you don’t need a mirror. 

A Smooth Beautiful Hairless Face For up to 6 Weeks
GOHO-PRO quickly and easily removes facial hair from the root, saving you time and money booking hair removal appointments with a specialist or beautician. 

Suitable For Sensitive Skin

– Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can possibly burn and discolour sensitive skin. 
– No batteries or maintenance required. Simply add to your monthly beauty regime. 
– Hair grows back less coarse and less noticeable over time. 

Each GOHO-PRO Facial Hair Remover comes with Box & Full Instruction Leaflet On How To Use.

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Product Features

  • NO MORE UNATTRACTIVE FACIAL HAIR – The amazing GOHO-PRO facial hair epilator will quickly and easily remove unwanted facial hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply Bend & Roll. No more squinting in the mirror with a pair of tweezers.
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE – The GOHO-PRO is small, portable enough to travel with, and does not require batteries or maintenance. Simply use in the convenience of your own home, at work, or on vacation.
  • RESULTS LAST UP TO 6 WEEKS – Facial hair is quickly and effectively removed from the root without breakage. Hair grows back thinner and less course over time, making your unwanted facial hair less noticeable.
  • CHEAPER THAN BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Save money on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser treatment, sugaring, waxing, threading and electrolysis. Your low cost one time purchase will last you for months to come.
  • SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Eliminate the use of potentially harmful bleaching creams that can burn and discolour sensitive skin. GOHO-PRO will remove hair from your chin, cheeks and upper lip areas only. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee, plus boxed with a full set of instructions.

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