Facial Hair Remover for Women/ Men Permanent Blusquares® with Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper Epilator Wand Stick (Blue)

The Epistick use the principle of spiral, which is to pull out the hair as the direction of the growth, faster and will not break, or damage to the hair follicle, uprooting the unwanted hair, compared to shaving which only cut off the hair above the skin, Making the hair beneath the skin (cortical layer below the epidermis) rich of nutrition. Growing back thicker and harder. 1.After use please wash your face and smear lotion or moisturizer to restore the pores each time. 2.When using the Eplilator for the first time, you may experience some sensitivity. To reduce sensitivity, it may help to use a warm damp cloth to soften your skin before using the Epilator. 3.Do not use the Epilator if you have a skin condition, such as acne, eczema, rash, cuts, wounds etc. 4.Ragular use of Epilator will ensure a flawless smooth hair free skin. 5.Discontinue use if you experience prolong irritation. 6.Please store in a cool dry place. 7.Do not use on Children under the age of 16. Please Note: ONE YEAR WARRANTY DO NOT APPLY TO ANY PROMO CODE PURCHASE

Product Features

  • One Year BluSquares Replacement Warranty
  • Perfect vacation gifts for women Simple and safe to use (no hazardous creams required). Better than waxing, tweezing or laser treatment. Epilator is not messy, makes great bathroom mirror accessories set
  • Care sets for women, Can be used anywhere and at any time. Convenient for home use and travel use. Beauty travel accessories
  • Hair tweezers for women, Great for chin, upper lip. Neck area, cheeks, sideburns. flawless skin care
  • Monthly gifts for women, Reusable, therefore Economical, money saving.Suitable for all skin types

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2 thoughts on “Facial Hair Remover for Women/ Men Permanent Blusquares® with Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper Epilator Wand Stick (Blue)

  1. justme says:

    Great for facial hair remover! I am enjoying this Epilator. It hurts a little bit, but it works well and it is much quicker then plucking. It is also more gentle on my skin then waxing. I have found that when I bend this it works better if I don’t put the area that I am trying to remove hair from in the very middle of the epilator. It seems to work best if it is in to the side a and not right at the top of the rainbow shaped coil. This has never pinched my skin which was my biggest concern. I am very pleased with this and…

  2. TwinMama08 says:

    Now that I am a bit more brave I will be trying it on different areas. Admittedly this is a little bit scary! The BluSquares razor stick is fantastic for shaping eyebrows, it works easily, is nice and sharp and didn’t knick my skin or leave razor burn. The coil wand though, I won’t lie, scared me!I followed the directions and first used a warm washcloth to try to open up my pores. Then I bent it and rolled it as directed. It felt like tweezers, little pulls as the hairs came out, but no worse. I did it to remove those long clear hairs on my cheeks…

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