Facial Hair Remover Threading Beauty Tool with Pouch

A natural, safe and convenient method to remove unwanted facial hair this Threading Beauty Tool works like tweezers except that it removes small areas of hair instead of one or two hairs at a time. No chemicals or creams are needed, the threading tool traps the hair between the coils and removes them by their roots. To clean the tool just hold the two ends with one hand so that it is bent in half and rinse under water and let it air dry. To keep it sanitary just wipe with alcohol.

Product Features

  • Designed to easily remove unwanted facial hair
  • Compact design allows for easy carrying
  • Simple to handle, Store and Clean
  • Removes Hair from the root
  • Includes a convenient travel pouch


Step by Step Threading facial hair at home || Raji Osahn

Eyebrow threading is such a celebrity thing to do, as is facial threading. Here i show you how to thread your facial hair, we all do not like facial hair, so threading is the way!
Threading does not damage your skin, it does not burn or bruise your skin. So its a healthier friendlier way of facial hair removal!
I use cotton thread and create a hoop, holding one side of the hoop in one hand, twisting with the other.




* My Eyebrow Routine:

* How I cover redness

* "Foundation/Face" Routine:

* How I Curl My Hair:

Disclaimer: NOT being paid to make this video, nor am i being paid to tell you where to find any of the products I use.
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