Facial Wax Strips, Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Face with 40 Count Wax Strips and 5 Post Wipes

Package included: 40 count wax strips and 5 post wipes

How To Use

1. Clean your skin and keep dry it completely.

2. Rub the wax strip between your hands to warm the wax hair removal strips for 30 seconds up to body temperature.

3. Wax strips carefully torn into two pieces both pieces can be used the effect is the same.

4. Press the non woven waxing strips with some strength at the direction of hair growth.

5. Remove it in a very quick motion against the direction of hair growth.

6. After depilation wipe with post wipes to remove remaining wax residue. Make your skin smooth and silky.

Product Features

  • Quick & easy hair remover wax strip kit- The special designed facial wax strips remove hair as short as 2mm and leave your skin hair free for weeks. With regular use, hair growth is progressively slowed downs.
  • Professional Safe Quality- We are committed to researching natural material and provide better customer experience.Our wax strips are made from natural beeswax, the wax strip uses an innovative contour weave paper technology, softer and more flexible to conform better to your body’s curves.
  • Convenient and Portable- CARETHYS wax strips for women face, easy-to-use products include strips and calming wipes that fit into your busy, modern lifestyle, anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective and Affordable Strip Wax Kit-Hair removal lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Wax strips are most effective for hair removal of finer hair types. Waxing removes the hair from the root, regrowth becomes sparser over time.
  • Package Includes:40 strips and 5 wipes

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2 thoughts on “Facial Wax Strips, Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Face with 40 Count Wax Strips and 5 Post Wipes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Must have I have been wanting to try waxing my moustache for a while, lets be straight us ladies have more facial hair than we would usually like and I wanted to see if waxing worked well or not. The strips are decently priced. These ones are very small for like waxing the moustache area or in between the eyebrows. Its not much larger for anywhere else. They have quite a few wax strips and for every package you open you get two wax strips. They’re easy to heat up between your hands and pull apart…

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