Foster and Lake SHAVE ANSWERS Shaving Oil, Pre Shave Oil for Smooth Shave, 4 fl ozs, Natural and Unscented

Foster and Lake, SHAVE ANSWERS Shaving Oil, 4 fl ozs.

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Say good-bye to painful nicks and cuts while shaving. Foster and Lake is committed to giving you a quick and clean shave. We’ve specially created an all-natural shaving oil as a solution to uncomfortable shaves. This oil is not a pre-shave, so you can eliminate all those extra creams, foams, or gels. This powerful formula has three times the acting power by hydrating, conditioning, and moisturizing skin.

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Built the way men like it
The unbeatable shave oil is easy to use and includes over 300 applications in one bottle. No more having to constantly restock your shaving supplies. An unbeatable and extraordinary value!

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SHAVE ANSWERS provides a superior shave
We created this one-of-a-kind oil based on simple principles. Shaving doesn’t need to be a painful chore. We’re in the business of common sense, so we accomplish this by using a transparent liquid that goes on clear and stays that way. See where you are shaving. Never miss a stray hair again, and reduce razor burn, bumps, and rashes.

Formulated for Comfort and Quality
Formulated over a five-year period, SHAVE ANSWERS is made with all-natural Coconut Oil and Meadow Foam Seed Oil for a rejuvenating shave. Even with these attractive ingredients, the all-natural formula is completely unscented so it won’t interfere with the scent of your aftershave or cologne. SHAVE ANSWERS sets itself apart from 95% of the other shaving products on the market by not including any harmful chemicals or synthetic lubricants. Only the best natural oil ingredients to get the job done!

Simply wash the area you need to shave with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse and drop about 5 drops on your hand. Rub into the area you need to shave. Shave in strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse face with cold water.

Product Features

  • TRANSPARENT– Oil creates ultimate visibility for close shaves on face, scalp, and body hair
  • KEEPS SKIN SOFT– Reduces painful razor burn, cuts, and nicks, while hydrating and moisturizing skin
  • ALL-NATURAL– Uses high-quality plant oils and essential ingredients for soothing shave relief
  • ALCOHOL FREE FORMULA– Unscented for a rejuvenating no-burn shaving application
  • LONG-LASTING VALUE– More than 300 applications are included in one bottle with no other gels or foams needed

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