FTXJ Men’s Face Care Set Shaving Brush+Natural Wood Mug Bowl+Hand Made Soap (Without Soap)

Shaving Brush:
Material:Badger hair, Dutch wood handle
Base dia.:~34.79mm(+-0.05)/1.36inch
Total Length:~100.99mm(+-0.05)/~4inch
Color: Brown(As Shown in FIG)

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Shaving Bowl:
Dia. bowl:7.8cm/3.07inch

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Handmade Soap:
Soap Color: White(As Shown in FIG)
Soap Size:25mm High, 68mm Dia.

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Package Content:1 set

Product Features

  • The bowl is Made from high quality wood.
  • Handmade brush knot generates a rich lather!
  • Very classical and stylish.
  • Great for Salon/Barber use and home use.
  • The brush hair material is badger hair which have their own smell, but the smell can remove. You can use soap or shower gel to wash the brush couple times, then put it in the ventilated place and dry it out. The smell would be disappear.

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3 thoughts on “FTXJ Men’s Face Care Set Shaving Brush+Natural Wood Mug Bowl+Hand Made Soap (Without Soap)

  1. mark says:

    The bowl just gives a hand crafted look and feel and the brush is really nice soft feeling when it touches my face I got my money back, and I am happy that it’s ended that way. The quality is awful. It smells not like a badger, but like a “dead for 10 years badger”. I know about breaking in the smell of shaving brushes. I did it before, – you have to use a dishwasher soap and leave it for 24 hours, then wash it off and you good to use it. In this case I did it at least 7 times. Every day. With different kinds of soaps. Dishwasher, hand-washer, shaving cream, shaving soap…..you name itTo…

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