Fusion ProGlide Clear Men’s Shaving Gel 5.9 Oz (Pack of 2)

You want to showcase your best facial hair styling. But before anyone can see it, you first have to know what, exactly, youre shaving. Introducing the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Clear shaving gel, the transparent and nonfoaming shave gel that brings you ultimate control of your shave. Unlike traditional gels and foams, Fusion ProGlide Clear shaving gel is specially formulated for shaving and edging, giving you a clear view of the hair youre shaving. Whats more, this rich gel is formulated with advanced lubricants for incredible shaving comfort. Perfect for use in and out of the shower, this unique gel works equally well on your face or your body for added versatility and value.

Product Features

  • For an incredibly precise shave
  • Transparent and nonfoaming shave gel means you can see where to shave and accurately edge your facial hair
  • Formulated with advanced lubricants for incredible shaving comfort
  • Great for use in the shower

June 3, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Fusion ProGlide Clear Men’s Shaving Gel 5.9 Oz (Pack of 2)

  1. Dave says:

    Have just started using it, at first hated it, now I’m happy I got it. For information purposes this is NON-FOAMING shave gell.When I first saw it didn’t foam, I thought there was something wrong with it. I thought shave gell had to foam.It turns out it is very genius.Here’s why:When I shaved before with shaving cream, I would always after shaving, wash the shaving cream all off, to reveal certain parts I hadn’t shaved well enough, and then would have to do it over again. Here as it is very thin and clear when it is on you, you can see any hairs unshaved, and get them, without washing it off to see them. You also can see things like your sideburns better.This product is a great value, I am just not giving it five stars, as I have just used it once, the jury is not out on it, and some of the reviews suggest there are better products.Also, I am not giving it five-stars as I think it is the responsibility of the manufacturer (Gillette) to inform people on the packaging and name for it,…

  2. J. W. McGhee says:

    Poor imitation of King of Shaves Alphagel This is pretty much what we’ve all come to expect from Gillette when given the chance to make a shave gel that could actually benefit men: a product full of unnecessary chemicals, fragrances and dyes. It’s as underwhelming as the rest of the Gillette shave gel line.Let’s be clear (no pun intended): When you read “Clear Shave Gel,” make sure you understand that the gel itself is not clear. It is blue-tinted; it goes on clear when applied to your face — those of you with dye issues, take note! This is also loaded with Gillette’s standard shave-gel fragrance which you’ll either love or hate but either way, serves absolutely no purpose. The gel itself does little to protect or lubricate my face. When using this product, I got cuts using a brand new Fusion ProGlide razor — the first time I’ve been cut with a ProGlide in more than a year of usage.If you want a “clear” shave gel, consider …

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