Gigi No Bump Topical Solution, 4 Ounce

I have bought a lot of over the counter stuff to avoid bumps in the bikini area and nothing has really worked for me. I had my doubts about buying this product but I read all the reviews in Amazon before deciding to buy it and I finally bought it. I tried it last week after shaving my bikini area. First you feel like a very mild burning sensation but then it feels nice and cool. I tried to follow the directions so I put it on in the morning before getting ready to go to work and after taking a bath at night. The first 2 days I felt nothing after shaving and using this product.
On the 3d. day is when your hairs start growing back again and I felt a very mild itching and I only got like 2 small bumps instead of like 10 that I usually get. The itching was so mild, I did not even feel like scratching myself and the 2 small bumps were so small, I could hardly see them. I kept putting on the treatment and on the 4th day the 2 bumps had dissappeared as well as the mild itching.

I really recommend this product, it’s the best one I have found so far. I do not have the money to do laser and I have tried wax once and it was so painful. I have to say I have never tried waxing myself with a professional person, I tried doing it myself with a wax from over the counter and it was a horrible experience. With the spring and summer coming soon, I think now I can feel confident wearing my bathing suit without the horrible itching and swollen bumps I get every time I shave my bikini area.

Product Features

  • No bump is formulated to exfoliate and unclog pores after hair removal
  • Eliminates ingrown hair, bumps, razor burns and redness
  • Great as an added salon service
  • Ideal for both men and women

June 19, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Gigi No Bump Topical Solution, 4 Ounce

  1. Dean Jones Jr. says:

    Works great! I have a terrible issue with ingrown hairs when I shave. It’s a given… if I shave (even with an electric razor), I will get amazingly painful ingrown hairs. It’s been like this my entire life. My wife introduced me to this stuff a couple of years ago. She uses it because she gets ingrown hairs as well if she shaves her legs. After I shave, I put some of this on my neck (where it’s the worst) and I honestly don’t get any ingrown hairs after I shave. It’s been great. My only gripe is that…

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