Gigi Hair Removal Cream for The Face, 1 Ounce

Highly effective for coarse hair

This is the only product I use to remove facial hair. It takes about five minutes and it gets deeper to the root of the hair, versus other products, and leaves no scars. My skin is left feeling smooth with no irritation.

Gigi hair removal cream for the face is a cooling cucumber and aloe vera cream formula specifically designed to gently remove unsightly facial hair.

Product Features

  • Removes unwanted facial hair
  • Post-treatment Gigi calming balm is also formulated with cucumber and aloe vera to moisturize and help skin restore its normal ph balance
  • Includes one hair removal cream for the face (1 ounce) and one calming balm (0.5 ounce)


GiGi hair removal

Hey my lovies and subies , ya knw we have it even women and young girls. Not matter what we all have to deal with it ....we all hate it. Its hair and not just eyebrows and the hair on our heads. Thats where GiGi hair removal cream !! Also a big thank you to ahanbarbie34!!!!!! how to simple whiten your teeth with home essentials . i brush 2-3 times a day and it works!!!!
August 20, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Gigi Hair Removal Cream for The Face, 1 Ounce

  1. Ginger Snaps "Buckeye" says:

    Amazing! After using the Gigi Hair Removal Cream – Face, I instantly threw away my Sally Hansen Brush On Hair Removal – Face. Sally’s had always done an ok job removing my course womanly moustache but was pretty inept at getting rid of my chin hair. Ok, don’t think I’m some kind of sasquatch but a few years ago I started noticing hair above my upper lip and chin that didn’t used to be there …guess it’s a hormonal thing in a lot of women. Anyway I digress…After picking up Gigi at a Ricky’s store…

  2. VC says:

    Good stuff First of all:I HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN. I can’t even use any soap but Dove on my skin, so I was reluctant to try this product. I had used Nair years ago on my legs and it burned to no end, so the thought of putting that stuff on my face terrified me (that’s what she said). But I went ahead and tried it anyway. I read many reviews that made it very clear that you must follow the instructions WORD FOR WORD, so I did.I tested it on the area below my ankle and accidentally left it on…

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