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3 thoughts on “GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

  1. Stephany "Stephany" says:

    Great, except for one thing… I love this kit. It comes with clear instructions, a good amount of product, and looks good. It’s pretty good- plug it in/turn it on a little over an hour before you want to use it, and you have warm wax to get off your mustache or chin hairs quickly. Definitely value for money, here.That being said, I only have one problem with the kit: why the h*ll would the company include a wierd grayish-taupe concealer instead of baby powder? You need the powder, and the concealer looks…

  2. C. Buck says:

    Do you have four hands? Full disclosure: I am admittedly a complete novice at waxing myself.So I bought this because I was tired of spending $50 on bikini waxes. The kit has almost everything you’ll need for a full-on bikini wax, but not quite. To do this, you’ll need in addition:Baby powderWax off (for skin, not surface)Four handsI would have rated it 5 stars but I feel that the powder and wax removing lotion should have been included. Maybe in place of the…

  3. DK says:

    Thumbs up + some tips. Got this in the mail yesterday and my lady was excited to use it. We’ve been paying at a salon for about 6 months now but at $200 a visit (we both get waxed and try to give a generous tip) and it adds up fast. ~$40 for a DIY experiment didn’t seem like a bad idea.Our kit came well packaged in a nice box. The instruction manual was easy to understand but mostly we were going on what we learned from the nice lady who usually does it for us in addition to the very helpful advice in…

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