GIGI Natural Muslin Roll

I ordered this roll to use for larger areas. I had the small precut strips for my face, but I like how I can cut any size I want out the roll. I didn’t have any problems with fraying after cutting my strips, and the rolls seems to be a bit thicker than the precut strips.

This muslin roll is super because you can cut whatever size of strip you need to work with. The material is soft to the touch and the strip can be used several times before being discarded. It is professional quality and lasts a relatively long time. I have had mine for several full leg waxes now. I think it is the best strip to use!


Product Features

  • Fine Grade Texture
  • Aesthetic and Clean

June 20, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “GIGI Natural Muslin Roll

  1. Book Clubber says:

    Buyer Beware – Poor Quality of Muslin I’ve bought GiGi Natural Muslin Rolls several times in the past and from other Amazon vendors…. However, the stuff I got from this seller in particular looked and felt very different – thinner and looser woven fabric. When I waxed my legs using this product the wax consistently seeped through the material and onto my hands making the experience that much more agitating. I have a strong suspicion that this item is actually a knock-off and not the REAL GiGi Natural Muslin Rolls (which are…

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