Gillette Venus Bikini Kit

It’s easy to feel clean, sexy and feminine with the Gillette Venus and Olay Bikini Trimmer Kit that is easy to use. Shave, Trim and Hydrate all in one! Forget scissors and battery-operated devicesjust guide over bikini hair in a shaving motion to neatly trim hair for the look you want. Then finish with Venus Embrace razor for a close, curve-hugging bikini shave. Shaving your bikini line can help give you a great look in your swimsuit! The Venus Bikini Kit includes 1 Venus Embrace razor, 1 Venus Embrace razor blade refill cartridge, 1 Venus Bikini Trimmer and 1 Olay Bikini lotion.

Product Features

  • Protective comb on the bikini trimmer offers even trim length. Trims bikini hair to length for just the look you want.
  • Venus Bikini trimmer has a specially designed handle for great control and easily trims bikini hair with a shaving motion. Pivoting, single blade is preferred over scissors!
  • Venus Embrace razor contains 3 blades surrounded by a Protective Ribbon of Moisture for comfortable shave on legs, underarms, and bikini.
  • Olay Bikini Moisturizing Lotion provides immediate soothing hydration that nourishes the moisture barrier, leaving skin looking beautiful.
  • Shave, trim and hydrate with Venus Bikini Kit.
  • Get a great swimsuit look with the Venus & Olay Bikini Kit.

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3 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Bikini Kit

  1. JJJlock says:

    AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Finally a bikini shaver I’ve had invented in my head for a while! What took so long?!!! This works VERY well, keeps it clean and short without having to worry about ingrown hairs or itchiness when it grows back, MUCH better than shaving it 100%. This keeps it the perfect length. My only complaint is that couldnt just buy the bikini shaver I had to buy a kit which forced me into buying a razor and lotion which I will NOT use (the lotion has PARABENS in it!!!). They need to sell just the bikini…

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