Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razors – 3 ct

Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razors

Gillette Venus Embrace is Venus’ closest disposable shave. Venus Embrace Disposable razors for women are Venus’ first disposable razors to have 5 blades instead of 3. 5 Blades plus a ribbon of moisture for smooth glide. Amazing looking legs with fewer nicks and cuts* *vs Gillette Daisy. 5 curve hugging razor blades individually adjust and leave your skin so smooth. Protective ribbon of moisture with more glide-enhancers than original Venus disposable razors. Specially designed SoftGrip handle for great control. No razor blade change required; just use and toss.

Lessens razor burnsHas a soothing, pre-shave oil infused glide barVitamin enriched comfort strip minimizes razor drag

Just for you: Women of all ages

A Closer Look: The Gillette Venus Embrace Disposable Razors 3 ct includes a moisture strip for a smooth glide.

Get Started: Hold razor in your and. With your free hand, stretch the skin of the area you’re about to shave so it’s as taut as possible. Place the razor at a 30-degree angle to the surface of your skin. Shave with the grain of your hair, going over it.

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  1. Ouroborose says:

    On My Best List! Venus Embrace razors are among my favorite razors, as well as all my female relatives and friends I’ve gifted them to! They raved to me about them and are (almost) addicted. The 5 blades and moisture strips deliver an exquisite and close shave, and it’s rare to experience cuts, or post-irritation, unless you’re pressing unwisely and too hard. The Embrace disposable razors and the razors where you replace only the blades are both terrific, and the only drawback I’ve found is that they’re…

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