Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor Blade Refills 4 Count

Experience one of Gillette Venus’ best shaves with Venus Embrace razor refills for women . Venus Embrace razor cartridges come in a 4-count package and blades can fit any Gillette Venus razor handle. Venus Embrace is our first women’s razor created with 5 blades to hug every curve and get virtually every hair. The result is a close shave and unsurpassed Venus smoothness.

Product Features

  • Venus Embrace has 5 curve-hugging blades plus a Ribbon of Moisture for glide to help provide a comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts*. *vs. Venus Divine
  • Get virtually every hair to help the skin on your legs look super smooth!
  • Venus Embrace razor cartridges have a protective ribbon of moisture for a smooth glide
  • Hugs your body to give a closer, longer-lasting shave. You won’t have to shave as often*! *vs. Venus Divine
  • Try Venus Embrace razor refill cartridges for women, 4-count

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3 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor Blade Refills 4 Count

  1. MissBargain says:

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST This razor is the #1 on the market. If you hardly have any hair, you probably don’t really need it.i have tried ***ALL*** the Venus collection and many others, so take it from a pro!!! i have the entire Venus line in every possible color and design, and this one is the queen of all by far. First it covers a much larger area so you are done shaving much faster than when using other razors. A few strokes and you’re done. i was surprised to see that 2 more blades could make THAT much…

  2. L. A. Stanley says:

    Closest shave I’ve ever had – and no nicks! These razors give the smoothest, most comfortable shave I’ve ever had. I can run the razor over my skin fast, with very light pressure, and it still shaves perfectly. For the first time in my life, I can shave fearlessly on my kneecaps, the backs of my lower legs (around the Achilles tendons), and in the bikini area. With every other razor (even the Breeze, which was my prior favorite) I had to slow way down and go carefully or I’d nick myself in those spots. So I can shave faster! I shave in…

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