Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Great primarily for use on legs

I have been trying to find a good razor to use for some time now that I will stick with. I have to admit the Venus Breeze has some real positives to it. The styling is pretty, pink (real girly-girl factor) and fits well in your hand (ergonomically). The packaging is well done and the way the razor blades are packaged within their own little cups, is a real cute design.
I find the overly large spa strips (with lotion) to be both a positive and a negative factor when dealing with the Venus. First, when using on your legs, I have to admit it’s really great. I found the shave to be close and my legs were amazingly smooth after using it (almost as if I had used some kind of baby lotion or shaving cream on my legs). However, when I tried to use it on my underarms and bikini area, I found the stips as well as the pivoting factor of the razor design, to make it awkward and almost impossible to get a good shave. If you are looking for a razor to use primarily on your legs, then this one is it. However, if you are looking for an all around razor, this may not work for you.

Gillette Venus Spa Refillable Razor Gillette Venus Spa Refillable Razor View Larger

Enjoy the Venus Spa 2-in-1 women’s razor with 3 blades and built-in shaving gel bars. Simply add water for a skin-loving, light lather for lush smoothness—there’s no need for a separate shaving gel. Shaving gel bars are infused with the fresh scent of white tea to soothe your senses. It’s a perfect match for an indulgent shave.

Relaxing white tea–scented shaving gel bars Wet razor for light lather and an indulgent shave Soft, sleek handle for enhanced control For great results, hang on the in-shower razor holder to air dry between uses Easy-to-change razor cartridges Refill razor cartridges fit any Venus handle
Product Benefits Gillette Venus Spa Razor 3 Blades View Larger 3 Blades

3 blades for a smooth shave

Shaving Gel Bars View Larger Shaving Gel Bars

Built-in shaving gel bars mean you can simply wet the razor for a light lather and smooth glide—no shaving gel needed

Interchangeable Refills View Larger Interchangeable Refills

Refill razor cartridges fit any Venus handle

More to Love from Gillette Venus Venus Spa ShowerSafe Razor Cartridges View Larger Venus Spa ShowerSafe Razor Cartridges

Versatile and convenient, in 4- and 8-count packages.* Now it’s easy to have dramatically smooth skin anytime.

*Refill pack sizes vary by region.

Satin Care Floral Passion Shaving Gel View Larger Satin Care Floral Passion Shaving Gel

A rich, fragrant lather of Jasmine, Rose and vibrant Orchid.

Find Your Perfect Gillette Venus Razor Gillette Venus logo Venus and Olay Venus Embrace Venus Quench Venus Breeze Venus & Olay Venus Embrace Venus Quench Venus Breeze Razor Head 5 Blades
Built-in Shave Gel Bars 5 Blades
Ribbon of Moisture 3 Blades
Built-in Shave Gel Bars 3 Blades
Built-in Shave Gel Bars Recommended For Dry Skin Normal Skin Dry Skin Normal Skin Scent VanillaCrème Unscented Unscented Freesia Feature Helps lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness (vs. Breeze, over time)
Rounded, pivoting head Skin feels dramatically smoother longer (vs. Venus Original 3-blade razor)
Rounded, pivoting head Lathers and glides to help protect skin
Extra-rich body butter for a smooth shave
Rounded, pivoting head Lathers for 1-step silky skin
Rounded, pivoting head

Product Features

  • Makes shaving a breeze – no need for shave cream

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3 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

  1. Crimson-Ribbon "CrimsonRibbon" says:

    Don’t Throw Away the Shaving Cream Yet Let me preface this review by saying that I hate shaving. I shave a lot of stuff- legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, and my big toe. I can get away with shaving some areas once a week, but my legs need to be shaved at least every other day during the summer or there is visable black stubble. I have very sensitive skin that often gets razor burn and ingrown hairs. So I got this thinking, perfect! Three blades= close shave; built in shave gel= more convenient and faster.Well, there are…

  2. Kaleidocherry says:

    Maybe it’s just me I’ve been happy with various Venus shaving cartridges since they were first introduced. I’ve kept the original handle, but always tried out the new cartridges when they were released. Now, this one has a solid soap on top and bottom of the razor blades, to take the place of your shaving cream. I thought this would be good.I haven’t cut my legs while shaving for probably 10 years…until today, when I used this razor. Because the head is very wide (to contain the soap strips), it…

  3. Karen Joan "Siren" says:

    Silky, Smooth, And Easy To Use I really like the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE RAZOR. I have used a VENUS BREEZE for a number of years now, and this convenient, one step razor always gives me soft, smooth legs, with no nicks or cuts. The VENUS BREEZE RAZOR line is pretty, feminine, and clearly “made for a woman, not a man.” This version, the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE, SPA BREEZE RAZOR comes in a nice white tea scent that is a very pleasing change of pace.Like the standard (purple) VENUS BREEZE, the GILLETTE VENUS BREEZE,…

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