Great Neck 21037 Essentials Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

10 single-edge razor blades (2 packs of 5 blades). Each blade is enclosed in a cardboard edge guard. Made of the finest quality steel. Fits all standard safety scrapers.

Product Features

  • Finest quality steel
  • Fits all standard safety scrapers
  • 5 single edge blades
  • Essentials tools are ergonomically designed for a woman’s smaller hands with special comfort fit textured grips for added working comfort
  • The Essentials tool line provides the high-performance – design ergonomics and comfort features women want in the hand tools they rely on for success

November 7, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Great Neck 21037 Essentials Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

  1. Kelly Roberts "sci-fi geek" says:

    What Can You Say About Razor Blades? They’re razor blades. There shouldn’t be much difference.However, I guess I expected there to be. While looking online, the prices for utility razor blades were all over the place. I just made my choice by a lower price tag. I don’t use them very often and only need them for projects, so I figured it couldn’t matter, right?I guess because of the price ranges out there I expected these to not be as good as other brands I’d used in the past. This did not end up being true,…

  2. 9 3/4 says:

    Very well thought out! American made!!!! I bought these razor blades to go in my Stanley 28-100 yellow plastic scraper. I was so pleased when I got them, because they fit perfectly in the Stanley scraper. I was thrilled when I saw that the company that makes them, Great Neck, had very carefully thought about the impact the packaging would have on the world. The cardboard is recycled and the…

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