Hair Inhibitor, Hair Removal Spray, Stop Hair Growth, Hair Inhibiting and Reducing to Stop Hair Growth, Natural Ingredient, Non-Irritating Hair Removal Spray Depilatories, For Arm/Underarm/Legs

PINPOXE is a unisex hair inhibitor spray that can be used in conjunction with any hair removal method (waxing, laser, epilation, depilation, shaving, etc.) to slow the hair regrowth process. After hair removal, the hair follicle is rendered empty so the product can penetrate for faster results. The purified plant extracts naturally remove the nutrients from the hair follicle, slowing and inhibiting regrowth.

Product Features

  • PINPOXE Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray: Contains a natural formula, it is safe to use anywhere on the body after any hair removal method. Over time, it will reduce hair re-growth, and any hair that grows back will be lighter and softer.
  • Stop hair growth: With regular use the active ingredients considerably reduce, weaken and delay the regrowth of hair. The components heal the skin quicker after hair removal, whilst the serum oil keep the skin smooth, soothed and nourished.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free: does not have a strong scent. This is the most natural and effective hair removal for men and women. Supplements nutrients lost after hair removal to avoid dry skin and keep skin smooth.
  • Easy and safe to use: PINPOXE hair Inhibitor is a topical solution that is applied to the skin after hair removal. It is safe to use on the body after any hair removal method.
  • Used on any part of the body: the results may vary for every individual, depending on the density of hair on the body.

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