Hair Off Facial Wax Strips, 18 strips per Pack, (Pack of 3)

36 Applications. Gentle on sensitive skin. Quickly removes facial hair. Just press on – Peel off. Results last up to 8 weeks. Helps slow hair regrowth. Here’s the hair removal method that you and your tender skin have been waiting for! Hair Off Facial Wax Strips remove unwanted facial hair quickly, gently and neatly. And they’re so easy to use! Simply press on and peel off – that’s all there is to it. No sticky, messy residue left behind on your skin. Facial Wax Strips pull hair out cleanly by the root, so your skin stays smooth and hair-free for up to 8 weeks. Regrowth appears finer and less visible, so there’s never any ugly stubble. Facial Wax Strips are ready to use – no mess, no preparation. Each box contains 18 double-sided reusable strips in 2 sizes – 12 small for upper lip and eyebrows, and 6 medium for chin, cheeks and hairline. That’s 36 individual applications. Tinted wax allows for precise placement, so you get flawless hair removal every time. Quick, easy, mistake-proof – that’s Hair Off. Not animal tested. Manufactured in USA.

Product Features

  • Facial wax strips
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Quickly removes facial hair just press on¿peel off
  • Results last up to 8 weeks
  • Helps slow hair regrowth

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2 thoughts on “Hair Off Facial Wax Strips, 18 strips per Pack, (Pack of 3)

  1. Valerie "so many books, so little time" says:

    easy to use, good results I bought these strips just last week and am really impressed. I tried the Parissa strips which did work well but these were cheaper and I figured I would try them out. They are a lot stickier than Parissa strips which means they are more painful but they do work slightly better. I used them on my upper lip, chin, and sideburns. The wax grabs all the little fine hairs that Parissa seemed to miss so it was a much smoother result. They did not work as well on the upper lip but I think if I…

  2. C. Fulton "Constantly Shopping" says:

    Ok Wax Strips…. So I purchased this to get rid of the fuzzies on my upper lip and side burn areas. This box says it doesn’t leave any residue but it does a little – comes off ok with use of my face wash scrub. Then since it is a “gental formula” I had to use more then one strip to get all the peach fuzz off of my upper lip area – so the equates to more time gritting my teeth pulling off the strips. I do like that there is smaller strips and larger strips – you pull the strips apart then you have two to use…

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