Hair Removal Electric Home Waxing Kit Hot Wax Warmer Wax Heater Rapid Melt Hard Wax with 4 different flavor Hard Wax Beads and Wax Applicator Sticks For Women and Man

About the product:
Greenvida waxing kit can not only provide you the professional salon-like hair removal treatment at home, but also effectively inhibit the hair growth from the root.

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· Fast heating: Only takes 10-15 minutes to melt down.
· Auto temp control design: Auto-kick-off when overheating and auto-kick-on when cooling down, keeps the wax at a constant ready-to-use temperature.

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1. Clean the skin area that needs hair removal.
2. Heat up until the wax beans are completely melted, then rotate the knob to the mid-scale for heat preservation.
3. Spread a layer of wax over the skin in the direction of hair growth.
4. Waiting for 5 seconds, then peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.
5. Clean up the residual wax over the skin with cleansing oil or baby oil.
6. Then drop some of the cleansing oil or baby oil to the pot and reheat until dissolving away the wax residue.
7. Use paper towel to wipe away any residue in the pot.

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1. Power: 100 W
2. Capacity: 500 cc
3. Voltage: 120 Vac 60 Hz
4. Item Size: 18*18*14 cm

Package included:
1 x Wax Heating Machine
1 x Removable Aluminum Wax Pot
1 x User Manual
4 x Wax Beans (Rose, Chamomile, Lavender, Honey)
10 x Wax Applicator Stick

1. Please test the temperature before use in case of hurting your skin.
2. Do not use water or alcohol to clean up the residual wax over the skin after hair removal.
3. Do not take a shower or exposure after hair removal.
4. Do not use on inflamed or wounded skin.

Product Features

  • *FAST & CONVENIENT: Our waxing kit only takes 10 mins to melt the hard wax beans. With a see-through cover you could monitor the melt-down process more intuitive; the wax warmer with a removable pot makes it easy to clean.
  • *EFFECTIVE: Waxing can inhibit the hair regrowth and make the hair grow back thinner over time after peeling off the wax from your skin. Keep hair regrowth at bay effectively.
  • *SMART & SAFE: The electric wax warmer features auto temp control function which keeps the wax melted between 140℉ and 180℉and overheat protection function. The wax heater is suitable for wax beans,wax beads,sugar wax,hard wax,soft wax and ect.
  • *EASY TO USE:Waxing is a physica hair removal. No need of hair removal paper. Just apply the melted wax to your unwanted hair area. Wax will gently remove the hair from the root and leave the skin smooth and silky.
  • *MONEY & TIME SAVING: Enjoy a fast and efficient home hair removal with our professional waxing kit anywhere and anytime as you need.Embrace a silky-smooth skin right now.

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3 thoughts on “Hair Removal Electric Home Waxing Kit Hot Wax Warmer Wax Heater Rapid Melt Hard Wax with 4 different flavor Hard Wax Beads and Wax Applicator Sticks For Women and Man

  1. Anonymous says:

    The purple wax warmer is good looking and well-packaged with 4 flavors of wax bean. I used for 2 months and still in good quality.To tell the truth, I preferred using wax to remove the annoying hair than shaving, coz I had lots of bushy hair they are prone to grow out thick and dense in no time after removing by razor which make me have to shave off the new hair as a daily routine. Although I kept using razor to remove them for years but I’m always searching new method with a better…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am glad I have this hard wax kit at home now. I was very critical about waxing at home but my friend recommended to try hard wax waxing. It is great that I have bought everything I need with one buy. I would like to call it from starter to professional hard waxing kit. Has arrived packed in one box and I am glad to say that in first week I used it 3 times.I set up maximum temperature, to heat the hard beans and once they are melted, I stir it again and change the heat to lowest…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am happy with this set. I love the fact it comes with everything you need, beans and applicator sticks! I’ve had wax beans before but forgot to buy the sticks and it is nearly impossible to apply it with anything else.The heater is of good size and warms up quickly. When using with wax beans, make sure you stir it every now and then to ensure you’re getting a smooth consistency. I find that it is easier to use with normal wax than the beans in terms of heating up, as you don’t really…

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