Hair Removal Wax Strips Face, Underarms & Bikini, 24 Count

These strips are suggested for women’s use only. Men can use this on their brow area.

Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Face, Underarms + Bikini: Remove hair anywhere, anytime, with our quick and easy-to-use hair removal wax strips for Face, Underarms, And Bikini. Formulated with plant-based Chlorophyll, our natural anti-inflammatory formula will instantly soothe and calm the skin, leaving you hair free and silky smooth for up to 8 weeks!

Complete Pack Includes: 24 Wax Strips Total: 6 (X2 Sided) Medium Wax Strips 6 (X2 Sided) Small Wax Strips 2 soothing post depilatory cleansing towelettes.

Benefits: Remain hair free for up to 8 weeks!, All Natural – Non Toxic – No Preservatives, Cruelty Free

Product Features

  • For WOMEN: Face, Underarms, Bikini. For MEN: Brows Only.
  • Remain hair-free for up to 6+ weeks!
  • Made with soothing, anti-inflammatory plant-based chlorophyll
  • Pack of 24 Small + Medium wax strips made for Face, Underarms, + Bikini. Includes 2 post wax soothing wipes.
  • All-Natural formula

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3 thoughts on “Hair Removal Wax Strips Face, Underarms & Bikini, 24 Count

  1. melissajackson07 says:

    No pain, no gain. Wax strips that work. I laugh at myself now, because I didn’t know why in the world I thought that these would be any different. I’m talking pain level, of course. I guess because the packaging looks incredibly calm and inviting. Good job, marketing. Your box should be colored ‘red’!Seriously, though. Waxing really does give the smoothest finish and the longest lasting finish. If you could put up with a little bit of pain, it’s really your best option. Not to mention…

  2. Maura Woodcock says:

    Would use again! I don’t wax often. I wax at home even less than that. I figured I’d give it a whirl and try! This wax strips come in a very convenient package and its easy to understand… warm wax up, place wax on, wait a few seconds, rip wax off, scream quietly into a towel, enjoy smooth skin for longer than a shave would last! Easy! HA!The wax is easily melted between your hands so there is no need to worry about microwaving a jar and wondering if it is melted enough, or if it is over melted and…

  3. Cherish says:

    Broke college student that still believes in aesthetics. . . I have NEVER used at-home waxing in my life. I would on occasion (ie before a big celebration) go to a nail place to get my upper lip waxed, which would be $10 after a tip, and if I were patient, I would pluck the hairs. I only pluck my eyebrows, though, because I can maintain my shape just fine on my own. ANYWAYS, I have black hair and my lip wasn’t so bad, but I’m really self-conscious (especially driving home with the sun hitting my face I would notice the hair)…So, these…

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