Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural | BodyHonee (10 Oz)

Natural At-home Hair Removal Wax Kit:

You could search the world over, you could search the world under – and still you will not find a product that is as natural, safe and effective as BodyHonee’s All Natural, At-home Hair Removal Wax Kit made for men and women. The 100% Natural waxing product consists of only three ingredients – Salt, Sugar & Lemon. BodyHonee’s sugar based hair removal wax is perfect for removing hair from almost any part of your body.
Note: BodyHonee is not recommended for eyebrow and mustache hair removal.

Made for Women + Men:

BodyHonee’s All Natural, At-Home Hair Removal Wax is strong enough for a man, yet gentle enough for a woman. Unlike other unnatural or cold waxes, BodyHonee hair remover does not irritate the skin and is very comfortable to use with quick and easy clean up. Using BodyHonee’s at-home hair removal wax will result in hair regrowth being finer and softer. With continual use of BodyHonee hair removal wax, hair will slowly stop growing all together.

Why use BodyHonee hair removal wax?

BodyHonee is a 100% all natural, at-home hair removal wax that provides long lasting results that are perfect for both men and women. Our product has been formulated with only 3 natural ingredients: Lemon, Salt, and Sugar – to leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth and beautiful, without any harmful chemicals. BodyHonee at-home hair removal wax is all natural, microwaveable, and water soluble so there is no messy clean up. BodyHonee removes hair down to the roots, leaving your skin silky smooth and free of regrowth for up to 8-12 weeks. New Hair growth will also appear thinner than ever before.

What comes in the kit?

10.oz Wax Jar – 8 Non Woven BodyHonee Wax Strips – 2 Wooden Spatulas

Product Features

  • All Natural: 3 Ingredients only – Sugar, Sea Salt, Lemon
  • Microwavable: 30 Second heating
  • Water Soluble: Wipes clean with water
  • Unisex: Strong enough for men, gentle enough for women
  • Leaves skin hair free for up to 8 weeks

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3 thoughts on “Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural | BodyHonee (10 Oz)

  1. silverfrost says:

    Great wax kit! This wax kit is awesome. I’ve tried many types of hair removal/reduction/whatever (shaving, bleaching, plucking), and nothing worked well for me. I have super fair skin and super dark hair, so shaving resulted in still being able to see the hair roots under my skin. Truly ridiculous. This is the first wax kit I’ve used, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I didn’t believe that waxing could last for weeks and also make hair grow in thinner, but it does! My skin is also quite sensitive…

  2. Inconclusive Panda says:

    Awesome for a first-time waxer I’m a guy, and I randomly decided I didn’t like having such a hairy chest, shoulders, and stomach. I tried shaving and it just came back too quickly. I’ve never gotten a professional wax before, and I’ve never used any home waxing products before trying BodyHonee. I liked the idea that it was three simple, natural ingredients. The instructions were quite simple: warm it up 30 seconds in the microwave, apply in the direction of the hair growth with the popsicle stick applicator, put the waxing…

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