Hard Wax Beans, Amwell Natural Full-Body Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans for Facial Arm Legs & Sensitive Areas, Depilatory Pearl Hard Wax for Women Men, 300g/10oz-Lavender

Name: Hair Removal Wax Beans
Net Weingt:300g/ 10 oz
Application: Facial, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area of all types skin.

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Excellent for strong hair removal.
Provide an economical and healthy skin beauty.
Apply to all types of skin: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for small area hair removal.
Natural materials, environmentally friendly.
No strips or pre wax oil required.

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How to use:
– Clean the area you want to be treated.
– Completely melted the hair removal beads in wax warmer.
– Put the melted wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of hair growth.
– When the wax becomes cool and hold the skin taut, tear off wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth.
– Clean the skin with appropriate oil after wax.

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1. Wax is for external use only.
2. Do not heat the hard wax in the microwave, stove or electric burner.
3. Never use the wax on abscess, sunburn or other injured skin.
4. Do not wash the wax on skin with water and alcohol, no swimming nor exposure in 24 hours of waxing.
5. Be careful. wax is flammable. Storage in refrigerator if the ambient temperature is too high.
6.Keep away from Children.
7. If you have any problem about wax, please contact with us for User Guide!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
You are 30-days guaranteed. Here is a no risk purchase for Amwell’s quality products. Please sent us an email before any action.

Product Features

  • NO HURT, PAINLESS: Hair removal wax do not hurt your skin. Painless wax beans for hair removal as long as you tear off the wax firmly and smoothly
  • EASY OPERATION: Melt the hard wax beans to a suitable temperature by wax heater. Then use a spatula to spread the wax to your unwanted hairs. When the wax gets dry, tear it off from your skin directly. It can remove the hairs easily.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Natural wax ingredients, skin friendly. provides a moisturizing and smoothing effect, which enables a mild and non-aggressive waxing experience. Slight aroma.
  • BEAUTY YOUR SKIN: Ideal for the hair removal on face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini area of all types skin.
  • NOTE: Do not use the wax on abscess, sunburn or other injured skin. No swimming nor exposure in 24 hours of waxing

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