Harry D Koenig & Co Natural Bristle Military Hair Brush for Men

Gift for Husband – It is a Hit!,

MY husband is in Afghanistan and he needed a brush of this type that didn’t take up much space. I would have preferred a boar-haired brush,but could not afford one. This one was on his Amazon wish list. I had it shipped to him through Amazon and he says it is perfect in every way! Thank you.

Product Features

  • Easy on the hair and not damaging
  • Great for on the go use
  • A pocket sized brush

August 11, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Harry D Koenig & Co Natural Bristle Military Hair Brush for Men

  1. Econpasha says:

    Not a brush! A Chinese toothbrush pretending to be a hairbrush. As they say, you get what you pay for. This Chinese “hair Brush” is a joke. I am a senior. I have little hair on top. I have an excellent Caswell & Massey bristle brush (military style also). It is still in their catalog for $40. I needed a second brush for the beach cottage. Unfortunately, the C&M store in our town closed down. I should have ordered it on line. Instead, I trusted Amazon.com and bought this Chinese brush. This brush does not even penetrate my very thin hair. The…

  2. Raymond says:

    Let down. I’ve been trying to put together a chrome bathroom set and I thought this brush was going to make a great addition because I have short hair and I’ve used brushes before and they work faster than combs when I need to look sharp quickly. Its too bad this is a useless piece of scrap.First, unless your hair is shorter than a half inch this will probably do nothing more than make you look like you got into a fight rubber balloons. The synthetic fibers build up static electricity so fast…

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