Haryali London 4 Pc Mens Shaving Kit 3 Edge Razor With Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Stand and Stainless Steel Bowl Perfect Set For Men

Classic Shaving Set – 4 piece by Haryali London.

3 Edge Razor Extra Comfort Grip (Cartridge Razor) has that old-world craftsmanship and quality.

Consistent with ideology of superior-quality razors refined according to their upmarket aesthetic, this brand new razor is equipped with a sleek, extra-comfort grip.

The piece was designed in the spirit of functionality as well as style.

Customers love the new handle shape because of its easy control while shaving, even when holding the blade at difficult angles.

Haryali razor with 3 edge head, handcrafted in the UK and specially provide the safest and most comfortable shave for all users.

With durable and high-quality German materials along with great ergonomics, if you are looking for a safety razor, this is your best choice for a smooth, close shave.


High- quality silver tip badger fibre – and a homegrown, global innovation.

The synthetically produced, particularly durable hairs are processed by hand and are qualitatively equal to the precious natural material silver tip badger in every way – and are actually less sensitive.

Another bonus: They are also easier to take care of.

Brush & Razor Stand

Specifically designed to hold both Brush and Razor, this elegant stand does not only a classy accessory for your shaving products but it provides you with the best way to dry and maintain your brush when not in use, ensuring a longer life span for your tools.

Standard Size if also fits the vast majority of brushes and razors in the market.

Haryali London Shaving Bowl (Newly Designed)

Elegant Stainless Steel shaving bowl engraved with Haryali London logo.

Enables you to create a rich and creamy shaving lather.


Product Features

  • Our mens manual shaving set comes with 3 edge razor, shaving brush, shaving stand, and shaving bowl. Comes in a beautiful black box and can be a perfect gift set for your son, father, friends and family members on birthday, thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • The handle of our 3 edge safety razor is made up of horn replica which makes it more durable. Our mens razor is suitable for peoples with thick, coarse or even curly hair. It works straight on ingrown hair, beard, and mustache and gives a smooth shave.
  • Shaving brush is made up of pure silver tip badger hairs and you cannot do a perfect and clean shave without a shaving brush. Some people use their hands to make lather but hands cannot reach there were the bristles on the brush can reach.
  • Shaving stand will keep your brush and razor safe and also expand the life of brush by allowing it to properly dry the badger hairs on the brush. Shaving bowl is made up of high-quality stainless steel with chrome-plated finish on it. It is used to make lather in it.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: HARYALI LONDON will give 100% free replacement or full money back refund if customer is not satisfied with the purchase.

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