Hovans Medi Cream – Bikini Saver Plus

Great product!

This product is very good. Goes on like a cream, but has a powdery finish. A little goes a long way, so it’ll last longer! It also doesn’t burn like other products that may contain alcohol, such as liquid based bikini line care.

Hovan’s Medi Cream (formerly known as Bikini Saver Plus) is the original one-step in-grown hair product for the treatment and prevention of unsightly/ painful “bumps” caused by in-grown hairs on the Face, Body, Legs, Bikini Line & Underarms. Effective with Shaving, Waxing, Laser or Electrolysis hair removal methods. Safe for all skin types. Great for both women and men. No pain, no mess or spills. Mild, soothing cream, doesn’t burn.

Made in Australia, “from down under for down under” it is colorless with a light fragrance. A jar easily lasts for two months if used daily. Only a small amount is needed as the product is concentrated.

Product Features

  • For Women and Men
  • Treats and Prevents In-Grown Hairs
  • Mild, soothing cream, doesnt burn
  • A jar easily lasts for two months if used daily


Hovan's Medicream / Bikini Saver ,Hovan's Gold

Hovan's Medicream/Bikini Saver is a Miraculous product which goes the distance.Unlike Salicylic Acid group of creams the Hovan's Medicream continues to treat the Stubborn hair weakening the hair follice and treating the adjacent skin.A life long solution to In-Grown Hair.Peace of Mind.
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