InstaNatural Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure – Liquid Moisturizer for Skin, Face, Body & Nails – Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair – Massage Oil, Cuticle Softener, Shave Gel, Lip Balm – 16 OZ

Discover the numerous refreshing purposes of InstaNatural’s Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Bring out the best in your skin with this natural and moisturizing oil:
– Softens dry, rough skin
– Conditioners damaged hair
– Soothing massage oil
– Relaxing aromatherapy oil

With InstaNatural, rest assured you will receive the best customer care and highest-quality Coconut Oil around.
– Features Natural Ingredients
– 16 oz bottle for best value
– Made in the USA
– Cruelty-free

Product Features

  • Refreshes & Hydrates Head to Toe – InstaNatural’s Fractionated Coconut Oil is a 100% pure product that instills unsurpassed moisture and softness for men and women with dry and rough skin on the face and body. This coconut oil comes in a lightweight formula, which makes it easy to use and apply anywhere from your face to your hands to your feet and ensures that you’ll see a wealth of results no matter how you choose to use it.
  • Packed with Antioxidants – Not only is this coconut oil lightweight, making it fast-absorbing and non-greasy, it’s also packed with antioxidants from the Vitamin E coconuts contain. This means that InstaNatural’s formula provides your skin with ultimate protection against signs of aging, sun damage from harmful UV rays and will even help ease irritating acne, giving you softer and smoother skin in a simple but powerful product.
  • Restore Dry & Lifeless Hair – This pure and fractionated coconut oil is perfect as a nourishing conditioner to remedy dry and damaged hair because it provides the moisture your hair needs to regain its soft silkiness and shine that it may have lost from overexposure to heat or styling products. It’ll also fight frizz all day long when just a little is applied after your shampoo.
  • Pure & Premium Formula – InstaNatural only extracts the most nourishing liquid from coconuts (Cocos Nucifer) to ensure that your skin, hair and nails receive the best possible nourishment without any unwanted toxins or pesticides. By giving you only the most premium ingredients, you’re sure to see the ‘before and after’ results quickly and easily.
  • Best All-Around Oil – This coconut oil isn’t just good for making your skin softer and your hair healthier; it has a ton of other unconventional DIY uses that may shock you at first but will leave you pleasantly surprised. You can use this product as a great stimulating massage oil, lip balm, shave gel, makeup remover, nail strengthener, cuticle softener and more.

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3 thoughts on “InstaNatural Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure – Liquid Moisturizer for Skin, Face, Body & Nails – Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair – Massage Oil, Cuticle Softener, Shave Gel, Lip Balm – 16 OZ

  1. mein3 says:

    Delighted – new staple! Bought Instanatural’s 100% Fractionated Coconut Oil. Upon opening my package, I was surprised to see how huge the bottle was. I included an image of it with a tube of lipstick for a size reference. Plus it came with a pump, which is a preferred method for me when using beauty products. I love coconut oil and regularly buy it, but usually get it in a jar from my local health food store – so again, the pump really helps instead of spooning it out. When this arrived, my curiosity was piqued…

  2. Ghada A. M. Abdel Salam says:

    WHAT A TREASURE! Amazing product. I’m in love with fractionated coconut oil, I have used it for many years, since my first DIY recipes. It’s amazing in skin, hair and nail care. I’m allergic to strong smells, and harsh chemicals; so I also use it with my natural essential oil dilution to prepare facial masks, stress relief, joint pain relief, headache, body massage, exfoliation, soap, natural perfumes, home fragrance, sprays, and bug killers. ( for recipes just google under “fractionated coconut oil…

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