IREALIST Hair Removal Spring,Women’s Painless Facial Hair Remover Epilator


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No chemical, it suitable for all women.
Removes hair at the root for a longer lasting hair-free complexion.
Removes unwanted facial hair, leave your skin feeling softer and hair free.
Natural,safe and convenient.
Size:10.8 x 5 x 0.5cm

Online Beauty Products

Package Included:

Online Beauty Products

1×IREALIST Hair Remover

Product Features

  • Roll it upward on your face, the spring will fit your hair and pull it up from the root.
  • Removes hair root for long lasting hair-free complexion and keep delicate skin luster.
  • No chemical, it suitable for all women, natural,safe and convenient.
  • Non-slip curved handle design,it is comfortable to control the rollerand to remove the hairs.
  • Suitable for removing hairs on forehead, cheeks, and chin (should not be used on eyebrows)

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