iTeknic Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit Hard Wax Machine with Adjustable Temperature LED Display Professional Home Wax Heater with 4 Scents Wax Bean and 10 Wax Sticks for Face, Legs, Arms, Bikini

Handle design: Easy to open and cover, with 3 air outlets to help dissipate heat.
Removable container (500ml, 17 oz): easy to clean.
Adjustable temperature: 50-120 °C. The ideal temperature value can be set according to your requirements.
Rapid wax heating: It only takes 10 minutes to melt the wax completely and the temperature can be set to maintain the ideal temperature after heating.

Natural Hard Wax Beans
4 packs of wax beans are made natural ingredients: lavender, aloe vera, sea mud and chamomile.
Suitable for all types of wax: solid wax beans, beeswax cans, wax blocks, hot wax, paraffin wax warmer.

Product application
Suitable for hair removal for all body areas such as face,cheek,lip,eyebrows,arm,armpit,bikini area,leg,toes.
Applicable people: Men/Women.
DIY at home: you can complete hair removal at home, the best choice for personal care.

1. Put the wax beans in the container bowl.
2. Adjust the temperature and start melting the wax (via the + / – button or the solid/canned button).
3. After the wax beans have melted, adjust the temperature to an ideal value and set the constant temperature.
4. Apply the wax along the direction of hair growth to the area where hair removal is required with the wax applicator stick.
5. After the wax is cooled, tear the wax in the opposite direction.

Cleaning tips
1. Pull the power supply out before cleaning.
2. The device uses anti-adhesive technology, remove the wax with a wax applicator or hand when the wax content is large enough.
3. Wipe the bottom of the heater with a cloth dampened with a wax cleaner if necessary.

Package includes
1 * wax warmer machine
4 * wax bean packs
10 * wax applicator sticks
1 * power charger
1 * instruction manual

Product Features

  • 🌿【2019 Updated Intelligent Temperature Control & LED Display】: Newest digital smart wax warmer with adjustable temperature range from 50 to 120 °C, and we can switch freely between Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can set the temperature accurately with LED display and touch button.
  • 🌿【Safe and Convenient Operation】: With 3 temperature control protection, 2 electronic temperature control sensors and recoverable fuse resistance, this hot wax warmer can prevent temperature out of control and short circuit. With one-button thermostat function, the temperature will be lowered to the ideal temperature for the human body with a sound prompt after wax melting, to avoid the risk of competing burn and redness.
  • 🌿【Rapid Melting Wax】: After you set an ideal temperature, the wax machine will CONTINUE HEATING UP to 120℃ (Max) to melt the wax completely, then gradually drop to the ideal set temperature. This process only takes 8-12 minutes. Please wait patiently for wax to be cooled down. Press the Solid button or the Canned button to automatically melt the wax.
  • 🌿【Natural Hard Wax Beans and Wax Applicator Sticks】: Natural wax beads with 4 flavors including lavender, aloe, sea mud, and chamomile. And we provide 10 wax applicator sticks, large-capacity 17 oz container can be used for different types of wax, like hard wax, soft wax, paraffin wax, wax beans, hair waxing kits etc.
  • 🌿【Perfect Hair Removal Effect】: Suitable for men and women with all skin types and all body areas including face, hands, legs, toes, eyebrow, arms, armpit, bikini lines, make the skin smoother without hurt. You can DIY a depilatory at home without going to a beauty salon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a guy… this was amazing and barely felt any pain 🥰 I have been waxing for years using regular wax and I got to say it’s sucks and hurts big time, if it’s not the heat than it’s the pain of the wax being pulled off..So I heard good things about the bead wax system and decided to give this one a try.First thing I have to lint out how sleek and user friendly the warmer and instructions are. I was very pleased with how fast and simple it was to heat the beads and keep them at the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Touch screen & technologically advanced so it would be very attractive in a professional salon even. I have tried several small compact at home wax warmers for removing body hair. For the most part, they are all very similar but this one is my favorite and here is why:#1. Removable tray. EASY TO CLEAN. These at home wax kits are incredible only if CLEAN UP is easy and with this one it is due to the removable tray which also has anti-adhesive technology which makes wipe down simple. SAVE YOUR WAX THOUGH! You can use it til it’s…

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