iVog Pro X-tweez Dual Opposed 36 Tweezer Head Rechargeable Epilator & Shaver

Works great,

I bought this based off it having some of the highest customer review scores. I was still not sure about it since the brand wasn’t a household name like some of the others, but this epilator works great! My sister has one from another brand and ours both work equally as well and I got mine for half the price. I’m very happy with how long my hair has stayed gone. The light on the machine is a huge help, it makes sure you’re seeing really well so you don’t miss any hairs.

Baby Smooth Skin for up to 6 Weeks!

iVog Pro X-tweez innovative design, solves the problem of single hair tweezing. Quickly and easily removes unwanted hair by the roots. It attracts the hairs like a magnet and removes it without irritation or pain, also lets you tweeze in any direction. Can be used anywhere on the body (except eyebrows) like knees and ankles, underarms, and the bikini line. 5 tweezer discs removes more hair in less time.

iVog Pro X-tweez technological breakthrough makes epilating more efficient than ever before. The 36 tweezers have been engineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5mm). The two-level speed design and the rotating discs catch even the shortest hairs and pulls them out of the root. A simple switch lets you choose between two speeds (gentle and efficient) to suit your hair removal needs. This extra speed setting helps you work on more sensitive zones like underarms or the bikini line. Epilating with this new appliance leaves your skin smooth and hair-free for several weeks.

iVog Pro X-tweez can be used wirelessly after charging it for about 6 hrs, it can work for 30-40 minutes after a full charge.

What’s in the Box:

– Pro X-tweez epilator

– Epilating Tweezer Head

– Shaving Head

– Exfoliating Pad

– Cleaning Brush

– AC Adapter Plug

– Pretty Travel Bag

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 Rechargeable Grooming System – Epilator & Shaver, The Ultimate Way to Remove Hair
  • Baby Smooth Skin for up to 6 Weeks, Uni-Sex Design, Great for Men & Women, Excellent for removing hair on the legs, Underarms Hair and Bikini line
  • 36 Tweezers, Remove Unwanted Hair Easily and Effectivly – Let You Be More Confident and Dapper
  • Dual speed control – Rotating Discs Catch Even The Shortest Hairs and Pull Them Out From The Root
  • Curved Shape is Dsigned to Hug the Curves of the Body, Removes hair as Short as 0.5 Millimeter, Lifetime Limited Warranty

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3 thoughts on “iVog Pro X-tweez Dual Opposed 36 Tweezer Head Rechargeable Epilator & Shaver

  1. A Reader says:

    I should have known better… than to trust a cluster of reviews that were posted so close to the listing date for this epilator—I wouldn’t be surprised if they were written by relatives or employees who never actually used the product. You would do better with a pair of hand-held tweezers, plucking each hair individually, than trying to remove hair with this epilator. Scrolling across the skin produced no results for me, no matter how slowly I moved, or how closely I pressed to the surface of my skin. Hovering…

  2. g says:

    Great price My hair grows back pretty quickly and i got tired of shaving my legs every other day. The way epilators work is that they pluck individual hairs (regular shaving just cuts them off at skin level). The results, therefore, last longer and your skin is much smoother.The ivog Pro X-tweez is the only epilator I have used, but I find that it works quite well. It DOES hurt, but from what i’ve read of every other epilator on the market, they all do. Your hair is being plucked from the root,…

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