JapaNice Wash OK manual made in Japan luxury nose hair cutter! The electric shaver unnecessary outright nose hair scissors another JA13-12M! Women’s men also cut one of this!

In a safe rotary blade, nose hair clipper cut cleanly Nobita nose hair. You can be taken out and care quickly when the mobile can also be because it is cased hygienic, to be worried about. The nose hair scissors by technology of durable Japan that is csf processing, you can use it with confidence because the cutting edge round

Product Features

  • Jhapa Nice will be a registered trademark. Function of our own because it contains a number, please refrain from the exhibition of the other companies
  • effortlessly carry anywhere at any time: even a business trip in portability distinguished, it is able to put away supplies convenient and quick to bag everyday.
  • One nose hair clipper 1 pc / brush: product mix

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