Just For Men Color Gel Mustache Beard Real Black 1 each

Formulated for facial hair; penetrates coarse, resistant facial hair. No-drip thick gel conditions and soften as it colors. Keeps your facial hair looking its best. Perfectly matches your natural hair color. Fast and easy; gets rid of gray in 5 minutes. Easy application with ergonomic brush. Multiple applications from every box. Use once, save the rest for next time. Contains: Haircolor; Color developer.


How to dye / color your beard properly

This video is for all you men that are thinking of dying your beard. Always start at two color shades lighter than you think matches the hair on the box. I use light medium brown in the major name brand. Start your timer at 6 min. and apply it to the beard. When the timer rings, jump in the shower and rinse with water. This has worked for me and is a natural and uniform color. I started out with the darkest brown color and it always looked fake and too dyed. Good luck!
March 21, 2015 - Comment

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