Laser Hair Removal for women permanent body face Leg bikini for Home use Painless epilator

How Does It Work Daily shaving just removes hair at the surface – hair keeps growing and you see the black dots. A gentle pulse of light is applied to the skin. Light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, disrupting the growth circle. After 1-2 weeks, hairs begin to fall out leaving you with smoother clearer looking skin. No Side Effects Most patients report no pain associated with IPL treatment for pro permanent hair removal system. Unlike traditional methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, you won¡¯t experience bruising, swelling, irritation, or scaling of the skin. Suitable For It’s the most effective at-home hair removal system. For those who want professional-grade IPL treatments for long-lasting hair reduction. Treatment areas include face, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area.

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Product Features

  • 2018 new upgrade: high-end quartz tube, 500,000 life, features also include skin contact sensors, 5 gear energy adjustment and intelligent digital control (with yellow tender light for smooth skin and whitening)
  • Using techniques similar to those of dermatologists, it is easy to use and can be used on the face, arms, underarms, legs and bikini area. After 8 weeks of use, unwanted hair is eliminated and permanent results are obtained.
  • Built-in skin color sensor for the safest and most effective treatment, professional permanent hair removal features compact, ideal for use at home or on the go
  • SHINE Optical Head Technology – The core of photon hair removal is the optical head, using triple filters, high-end quartz lamps, integrated filtering UV, directly to the hair follicle, effectively preventing the side effects of light. Highly safe laser depilator, permanently removes unwanted hair, does not pull, and is not harmful to pores.
  • Products include: IPL hair removal * 1, glasses * 1, charger * 1, adapter * 1, English manual * 1. (Please follow our instructions for use)


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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2 thoughts on “Laser Hair Removal for women permanent body face Leg bikini for Home use Painless epilator

  1. Michelle says:

    Best purchase I’ve ever made in the beauty department Best purchase I’ve ever made in the beauty department. Have used it three times, (once every two weeks,) but even after the first session I had no regrowth of armpit hair and my legs barely needed touching….!!!I would advise using a low number on the soft fleshy parts of the legs (back of calf etc) and also upper lip area, results may take an extra session or two but worthwhile as I found out, slight red mark left, like a burn but easily disappeared with a dab of sudacrem. I also treated the…

  2. Erika Christine says:

    Wow I love this product Wow I love this product! Ladies, this is like having a salon treatment at home with fabulous results. I found this to be professional, painless and easy peasy to use! I’ve had years of unwanted hair I have been so self conscious of my upper lip hair I have been massively paranoid in public and so aware of people noticing it has really affected my confidence. The Braun silk expert had shown results after 2 treatments and I’m thrilled! I can’t wait to see what the results will be after 12 weeks…

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