Latherwhip Shaving Brush 100% Pure Badger Bristle with Immaculate Resin Handle – Grooming The Handsome Hero

When that famous brown Amazon box arrives through your door, here’s what we want you to do…

Open it up and smile as you see the Classy Latherwhip case. Then go ahead and pull off the top, to feast your eyes on your brand new Shaving Brush for the very first time.

Breathe in the unmistakable musk of Pure Badger Hair and take comfort knowing it’s the genuine article. Take hold of the hardy Resin Handle and lift the brush out of its case, feeling the balance and weight in your hands.

As you hold the brush, let the bristles fan out and touch them to your face. Glide the tips gently across your cheek. Feels soft, right? You can only get that feeling from Genuine Badger Hair.

Use your brush straight away if you like. Let the warm water run, wet the bristles and take out your shaving cream or soap of choice. Our badger hairs were chosen specially to work up an exceptional, luxurious lather in no time with even the tougher soaps and creams.

As you make your first few passes, notice how the brush retains the moisture and heat. Feel the thickness of the lather, and the bristles against your skin. They’re exfoliating your face too, you see!

No need to worry if a couple bristles come out the first time, that’s entirely natural. Rest assured, your brush is going to keep giving you that rich, creamy lather every time – because the knot and bond are masterfully crafted by Latherwhip, this ensures minimal shedding over time. That rich, full dome you see is there to stay!

That’s why we protect your order today with Latherwhip’s 100% Money-Back ‘Classy’ Guarantee – So if for any reason (or none at all) you decide this brush isn’t for you, just send it back and we’ll return every penny. We only want to keep you as a customer if you’re 100% thrilled with your purchase.

So go with confidence and get yours now. And when you do, grab one for you and one your best pal too.

Product Features

  • WHIPS UP A SMOOTH SPECTACULAR LATHER — So repeated passes continue to work up a perfect lather, every single time.
  • EXCELLENT MOISTURE MANAGEMENT — The bristles stay wet throughout and retain heat for a truly luxurious experience time and time again.
  • MASTERFULLY CRAFTED FOR MINIMAL SHEDDING — With its strong bond and tight knot, bristle loss is kept at a minimum, with even vigorous use.
  • THE PURE BADGER DIFFERENCE — Soft and dense with enough fullness to work up even the harder soaps and creams, naturally exfoliating as it glides smoothly across your skin.
  • LATHERWHIP’S ‘CLASSY’ GUARANTEE — “As a one-man operation, I make sure you’re protected by Latherwhip’s 60 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee along with my Personal ‘Classy’ Customer Service, to ensure your Total Satisfaction” — AJ Hardy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Latherwhip Shaving Brush 100% Pure Badger Bristle with Immaculate Resin Handle – Grooming The Handsome Hero

  1. SweetSarahSays says:

    Fantastic, soft brush! My husband has been growing his beard for about a year now. He was resistant at first when I brought home beard oil and balm… hesitated again when I brought in the beard brush… and looked at me sideways when I started ordering his razors from one of those “of the month” clubs. BUT I seemed to nail it every time. It only took a few tries of each of those before he was singing their praises and saying I had a knack for finding him great beard care.I took another shot in…

  2. LVesper says:

    So far, So Good! I recently purchased some lather cream for my husband as an alternative to his usual shaving cream. So when I was offered a coupon for a shaving brush, I jumped at the chance to get one so he could properly use his lather cream. He’s been using his new shaving brush for a couple of weeks now and so far, so good. First of all, I was impressed with the packaging. It came in a nice box which would be excellent for gift giving. The handle is sturdy & fits nicely in your hand. The beaver hair is…

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