Lavany Women’s Electric Razor Rechargeable Ladies Electric Shaver for Legs and Underarms, Use Wet and Dry

Technical Specifications
Input: 100 V – 240 V – 50/60 Hz
Output: 6 V 150 mA
Power: 5 W

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Suitable for Use on the Whole Body
Lavany Women’s Electric Shaver can be fully immersed in the bath with lather to shave legs, arms, underarms and to trim bikini lines. It can also be used for a quick dry shave anytime, anywhere.

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Safe and Comfortable
Say goodbye to cuts, shaving bumps and irritation during your shave. Experience a safer, closer and more comfortable shave on your legs and body compared with a manual razor blade.

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Portable and Easy To Clean
The product comes with a storage pouch and a cleaning brush, so you can carry and clean it easily during your travel. You are free to enjoy your fresh and confident body for your entire holiday.

12-Month Guarantee
If there was any problem with your electric razor, please feel free to email us. We are happy to solve any issues you may have.

How to use your device?
1.Take off the protective comb attachment and make sure the blade is not damaged. This helps to avoid hurting the skin when shaving.
2.Press the on/off switch to turn on the device.
3.Use the other hand to help lift the hair to make it easier to remove.For long hair,use scissors to cut 7 mm or shoters.Slowly move the shaver gently against the direction of hair growth.
4.Use the cleaning brush to clean the shaving head when it is full of hair.
5.Hold the shaver at a 90-degree angle for best results.

1.Use the shaver after a shower for an easier hair removal experience.
2.Do not apply lotion or oil during shaving.
3.After shaving,apply some gentle cream to moisturize the skin.

Package Contents
1 x Lavany Electric Shaver
1 x Protective Comb Attachment
1 x Storage Pouch
1 x Charging Stand
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 3-IN-1 HIGH-SPEED AND SHARP SHAVING HEAD: The straight blade works well on arms and legs; the curved blade is effective at removing hair from hard-to-reach areas such as underarms and bikini lines; the floating foil ensures a close but safe shave
  • MULTIFLEX HEAD DESIGN: Glides gently along the curve of your body to give a close, clean and comfortable shave
  • BUILT-IN ILLUMINATION LIGHT: Reveals even the finest hair to make sure you do not miss anything; helps you achieve an extra thorough hair removal
  • WET AND DRY USAGE: IPX7 waterproof design; 100% washable; can be used in the bath or shower so you can enjoy a more comfortable shave; easy to clean under running water
  • 2 CHARGING MODES: Charge the shaver via the charging stand or by directly connecting the adapter to the power socket; the charging indicator will light during charging; rechargeable battery provides 60 minutes of cordless use after being fully charged for 8 hours

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is fine for what it is This is fine for what it is: a no frills shaver.Pros:-Seems to have cut down on the ingrown hairs and irritation I was experiencing.-Smooth opperation-Fairly close shaveCons:-No charged indicator light is more annoying that you might think. It doesn’t let you know when it’s fully charged. The instruction book says it will be charged after 12-15 hours and to not let it charge longer than that, but it’s so easy to forget about it, especially when…

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