Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective/Travel Case

I have two of these cases and I really like them. My travelling safety razor is a long handled Merkur and it fits perfectly in this case. Not too tight; not too loose or falling out. They don’t take up much more room than the razor would and you can pack the blade in the razor without ruining or cutting up the case. The inside is soft and won’t scuff or scratch the chrome on your razor if you keep it clean. Buyers should know that the top of the case does not completely enclose the razor head. It will be exposed to the air on the sides but completely covered on the back, top and front. This suits me just fine, but you might want to know that this is not a water-tight case. It’s open, just enough to keep residual moisture on the head from collecting and mildewing inside the case. Overall, this is a very nice product, especially for the price!

Product Features

  • Felt lined genuine leather case
  • Suitable for Parker, Merkur and Gillette Safety Razors
  • Secure Snap-Lock Design
  • Excellent for both long and short handle double edge razors
  • This is a genuine Parker Safety Razor Product – beware of cheap imitations!

June 19, 2014 - Comment
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