Lementa Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit – Your Secret All in 1 Solution to Silky Smooth Skin 4 Flavors of Hard Wax Beans + 10 spatulas Painless Waxing at Home Women & Men

Discover a new way to feel sexy and confident!

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This all-in-one kit will change your life!

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Trust Professional Aesthetician with over 15 years of experience who carefully selected each component of this kit to help you re-create your ultimate spa to home experience. This kit is suitable for any skin, hair, and part of your body. You are limited only by your imagination.

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5 Star rated wax warmer on the market



100W Rapid Melt Heating Element Precise Digital Led Display Natural Hard Wax Beads Adjustable Dial With 86 – 275F Temperature Range 4-1/8” Aluminum Pot (Fits Most US Wax Can) 14 Oz Removable Aluminum Wax Can Non-Slip Rubber Feet

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Product Features

  • YOUR SKIN REIMAGINED Secret to a Smooth Skin and Long Lasting Results. Get Your All in One Wax Warmer Starter Kit NOW and Enjoy Professional Results at Home.
  • GREAT VALUE For a Fraction of Expensive Salon Treatment You Can Wax Any Part of Your Body from Head to Toe. One Bag Has Enough Wax To Get You a Full Brazilian Wax. Search ASIN: B078W1WYVZ 5-bag Lementa Wax Kit. “ADD TO CART” both items NOW and get 10% OFF of Your Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit.
  • [2018 UPGRADED] QUICK RELEASE FORMULA Wax Beads Formulated to Dramatically Reduce Irritation and Redness. Contains Only Natural, Hypoallergenic Ingredients.
  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL WITH DIGITAL THERMOMETER While Most Wax Warmers on the Market Work in a Similar Manner; Ours Offers Precise Temperature Control with Digital Thermometer. Must Have Feature for hair removal in sensitive areas such as face, bikini, or underarms.
  • IMAGINE Your Hand Effortlessly Gliding on a Surface of Your Silky-Smooth, Bare Skin. We are Committed to Deliver You the Ultimate Customer Experience. Get Your Lementa Wax Warmer NOW by clicking “ADD TO CART” button above and enjoy the results with our 30 DAYS NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 1 YEAR FREE replacement warranty.

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2 thoughts on “Lementa Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit – Your Secret All in 1 Solution to Silky Smooth Skin 4 Flavors of Hard Wax Beans + 10 spatulas Painless Waxing at Home Women & Men

  1. Anonymous says:

    My friends kept raving about results they get with these wax warmer kits, so I finally decided to get one. While shopping, I accidentally found this with nicely looking digital display. Ladies, I must tell you it makes a world of a difference! I have low tolerance for pain and waxing has always been a bit of an inconvenience for me. With this wax warmer, I can regulate temperature down to one-degree increment when going from face to arms to bikini area. I keep a log of temperature settings for…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used this wax warmer to do full Brazilian and got tons of compliments from my boyfriend. He said that my skin felt so smooth like there was no hair growing there, ever! I feel like this is much less maintenance than shaving. With work and school I feel like I never have enough time in my busy schedule to go to a salon. This kit is a lifesaver! For the price of getting my hand waxed at a local spa, I get wax warmer + 4 bags of wax. One bag easily takes care of one full Brazilian treatment…

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